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Adam Laham sentenced to 16 years in prison

Child's accidental shooting death in Lakewood

 Adam Laham sentenced to 16 years in prisonAdam Dean Laham 23-years-old was sentenced today in Jefferson County District Court today where he was sentenced today to 16 years in prison for negligent child abuse causing the death of 5-year old Rolyn Javier. Rolyn was accidentally shot to death by his young sibling who was playing with Laham’s gun. According to the document, Lakewood Police officers were dispatched to the Eagle Crest Apartment around 10a.m. on December 23rd. They found Rolyn’s father, Donald Javier; his roomate, Aubry Rosenburg; Laham and his fiancée, Stacy Ward; plus friend Paul Manger and two

of Rolyn’s siblings (including a sister and the three-year-old boy).

Adam Laham, who lived in Witchita, KS, was a visiting friend in Lakewood in December 2011. His friends had three small children, ages 3, 5 and 6. Laham was sleeping in the children’s room while he was staying with at his friends’ house at 1614 Iris Street.

Laham left his Kel-Tech semi-automatic handgun on a box he was using as a nightstand when he got out of bed on the morning of December 23. He and several other adults were in the living room and the children went to play in their room. One of the children picked up the handgun and was playing with it when they accidentally shot and killed their 5-year-old brother.

The adults were gathered in the main room of the house while the kids were in the bedroom. Everything seemed fine until the sound of a shot rang out. Donald sprinted into the bedroom, then told the others to phone 911.

Sorting out this mass of humanity took some time — but police eventually learned that Laham, Ward and Manger had traveled to Colorado from Kansas on December 19, with Laham and Ward staying at a hotel for a couple of days before relocating to Javier’s place. There, they bunked in a bedroom shared by the boys.

The kids, for their part, were apparently growing comfortable around firearms. Despite their tender ages, Donald was teaching them about guns, Laham told police. He said the group had gone out shooting that week.

Police found numerous guns inside the apartment. They were all loaded, with a round in the chamber.

“As adults we have to protect our children,” said District Attorney Peter Weir, “This irresponsible decision to leave a gun within the reach of a child has had terrible consequences for everyone involved. We are very pleased with this sentence.”
Laham pled guilty to negligent child abuse causing death, (F3) on November 8, 2012. While he was on bond waiting to be sentenced in this case he was arrested three times on drug and gun charges in Kansas and Arkansas.

On December 30, he was formally advised about a charge of reckless child abuse resulting in death, a class-two felony that carries a possible sixteen to 48 years in prison. A hearing on his bond, currently at $40,000.