Obama Criticized By Republicans For Bullying

Obama Criticized By Republicans For Bullying

I read today that Americans favor the spending cuts forced by the Sequester 2-1, with the exceptions of cuts to defense.

I have absolutely no idea where or how that “statistic” materialized.  For me and most working class Americans, it’s just the opposite.

Republicans also continue to criticize President Obama for “bullying” them.  He won’t compromise.  Once again, it’s just the opposite.  Poll after poll continues to support the President by 75 to 80 percent.  Americans want spending cuts balanced with additional revenue by closing tax loopholes for the wealthy, ending subsidies for oil companies, and applying fair taxation to Hedge Fund Managers.  It shouldn’t be about what Republicans who are supported by special interests want, it should be about the American people.

As far as the “bullying” is concerned, I remember well an incompetent President we had a few years ago who basically told Congress to “stick it”.  His exact words were:  “I am the decider”.

I’m sorry my Republican friends, you can’t have everything your way all of the time.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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