All-Star Celebrity Apprentice 3 Reasons Trump Prefers Omarosa?

 Celebrity Apprentice

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice is back with the most anticipated season, according to the Donald.  This season looks like it’s going to be more controversial than ever. Viewers will witness one judge display his personal vendetta against a contestant. We’ve already seen Omarosa Manigault complain that participants wont be content by merely throwing one another ‘under the bus,’ they wont be satisfied until they throw fellow contestants in front of the bus. No one should be surprised by such hostile in-fighting, notably because the Donald himself issued a warning that this season’s celebrities are going to be pushed further than ever before.

From what we’ve witnessed in the last three episodes, Trump regularly emphasizes the credibility of the show. But since the first episode of this season, it’s obvious the Donald prefers Omarosa over the other contestants. In addition, Trump seems to have harbored a grudge against Bred Michaels desire to returned as a contestant and not as a judge. Before the season started, Trump stated he made a terrible mistake bringing Micheals back as a contestant. Doesn’t he recognize the hypocrisy his own actions.

Let’s analyze Donald Trump and this season’s Celebrity Apprentice more closely.

Here are 3 reasons why the sixth season of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice may reveal that Donald Trump prefers Omarosa over all other contestants in the competition.

1. Donald Trump vs. Bret Micheals
At the start of the 6th season Trump welcomed and introduced all the celebrities except Bret Michaels. As the show continue, Omarosa commented on how the Donald had put Michaels on the spot. Donald, a man well known for his aversion to even the mild criticism, conspicuously, gave Omarosa a pass. Little did anyone know the incident would foretell an inexplicable preference for Omarosa over the other participants in the competition.

In regards to Micheals, Trump, notably was never able to move forward with the Rock Star occupying the role of contestant. It was obvious that the primary reason Donald decided to fire Micheals instead of Brandy or Latoya Jackson was due to an uncontrollable festering hostility, which manifestly clouded Trumps judgement.

Under normal circumstances, a team leader is responsible for losing a competitive event. Nevertheless, Mr. Trump ignored protocol, and used his discretionary powers to fire Micheals, giving Brandy an undeserved pass. So much for the integrity of the show.

As usual, Trump lived up to his last name by Trumping his own principles. Donald must have left viewers quite dissatisfied by his roofless, unapologetic conduct. I’m still scratching my head wondering why he even allowed Micheals to participate; especially since the Rock Star had already competed and won season three. But, even this behavior pales in comparison to his troubling preference for Omarosa.

2. Piers Morgan: an unfair partial judge
When Piers Morgan won the Celebrity Apprentice title in 2008, the rivalry between he and Omarosa closely bordered hate. Nevertheless, the Donald unscrupulously elected Morgan as one of two judges to evaluate participants. It should have been no surprise to anyone when Morgan confidently greeted Omarosa with quite an impressive zinger, stating “it’s always heart warming to see such a delightful creature in her natural habitat.” Omarosa immediately fired back, “Like your mama.”

The obvious farce makes you wonder, how could Donald Trump believe Morgan could be an impartial judge. Piers, who is suppose to be evenhanded to both sides, demonstrated on the first day of competition, that his personal issues with Omarosa were not only unresolved, they had exponentially deepened. Thus, any subsequent assessment upon Ms. Manigault and her team would likely be compromised by this deep seated resentment.

Purposefully, Morgan contentiously complained about Omarosa’s behavior during their 7th season encounter of The Apprentice.

Before announcing the winning team, Piers was questioned by members of Omarosa’s team, asking him why he disliked her so, and why were his questions inconsequential, petty and irrelevant when the most important issue to the task they were assigned to complete was to raise money for charity. Pier’s answer was that Omarosa had trashed his family. Good choice Donald. You sure do know how to pick an impartial judge.

3. Donald Trump preference to Omarosa
It’s no secret that Donald loves woman. We all know this because he always lays a lavish complements upon every female contestants he encounters. In the 6th season of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, Trump seemed to go out of his way to give an extra special complement to Omarosa for the way she looked. Now, I don’t usually judge people by their looks, and I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I’m sorry, Omarosa is not beautiful, gorgeous or even remotely ravishing. She might be charming, fashionable, even elegant, but the way Donald put it, it was overkill. Trump complemented her for raising a significant amount of money on her previous appearances; The Apprentice. But I think he forgot that the other contestants were on previous Shows, and they also raised large sums of money.

In closing, let’s revisit the elimination round. It’s customary for 3 contestants to participate in the elimination process. As stated earlier, Brandy made the questionable decision to bring both Latoya Jackson and Bret Michaels into the session. When Donald asked Brandy to explain her choices, viewers had to be surprised when Brandy, visually embarrassed, claimed she passed on Omarosa because she believed Trump was partial, and consequently would not remove his favorite from the competition. It was perhaps a revelation that no one saw coming. Trump response, “love is such big word, I have to go by credibility; if she deserved to be fired, I would fire her in a minute.”

Nonetheless, the whole fiasco has to make you wonder; is Mr. Trump really partial to all contestants, especially when other participants indicate they sense a demonstrable fondness for Omarosa?