Tom Sizemore held at gunpoint

Tom Sizemore Attacked By Date's Boyfriend

Los Angeles Times reported that a man attacked Actor Tom Sizemore last week claiming to be the boyfriend of a woman Sizemore had been dating.

The incident was reported around 9 p.m. Thursday in the actor’s residence in the 400 block of S. Main Street. According to police. While there, he claimed he had a gun and put Sizemore in a headlock at one point, according to the report. He also fled with several guitars and other property.

The man, who was not immediately identified, pretended he had a gun and threatened the woman and the actor, whom he allegedly put in a headlock in a bathroom before taking off with guitars and other property, according to police.
LAPD officers eventually found the suspect, who was booked on suspicion of assault, and recovered Sizemore’s property.

He was later caught by police and arrested on suspicion of assault, and Sizemore’s belongings were recovered, the Times reports.

Known for his tough-guy roles, Sizemore has usually been the subject of law enforcement investigations rather than a victim.

The men pretended he had a gun and threatened the couple. He put the star in a headlock in a bathroom and left with stolen guitars and other equipment, according to police report. The man was arrested by LAPD and stolen goods were returned to the star.

Tom Sizemore has been fighting with sobriety for over ten years but has been still-sober since 2012. 51-year-old actor is getting back to normal life, ‘I’ve got three priorities. One: stay clean. Two: stay clean. And three: stay clean,’ the star said to Daily Mail.

Peter Bogdanovich writes about the memoir: “A relentlessly candid and shockingly honest look at a nightmare world of drugs and sex and jail from which this talented actor has managed to extricate himself; but at considerable cost to himself, to his career and to his family. Very readably written and absolutely riveting throughout, this is a kind of horror story and cautionary self-revelation with a hopeful conclusion, thus encouraging for those fighting similar battles. A real page-turner!”

He was currently dating an unnamed woman, whose jealous boyfriend attacked the couple at the star’s Los Angeles apartment on Thursday evening, March 14.

The suspect was soon found and booked on charges of break-in and assault, with the actor’s guitars recovered following the Tom Sizemore attack.

His fans love him for being a great actor, acting in 80 movies according to Wikipedia, including three he was nominated for: Heart and Souls, Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down.

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