American Idol no longer America’s Idol?

American Idol no longer America’s Idol?

American Idol no longer America's Idol

It appears America has fallen out of love with American Idol as the show has for the first time since it’s debut has lost in the ratings battle. American Idol came in second to that of rival The Voice with just 11 million viewers as The Voice received 13.6 million this past Thursday.

American Idol still leads in it’s Wednesday and Thursday’s slot but some could wonder for how much longer. This week The Voice premiered with new judges Shakira and Usher. Perhaps the 18-49 crowd preferred Usher and Shakira over Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban. For some though it may be that fans are turned off by the bickering of Nicki and Mariah. Still, it is the 18-49 crowd that The Voice won over with six million who dialed up on Monday and 5.1 million who tuned in the next night.

Ratings for American Idol have declined from previous weeks and Idol’s former record of 13.5 million viewers seems now to be beatable. The show’s ratings for the season have dropped from previous seasons which begs the question. Is American Idol’s reign over or just going through a rough patch at the present moment.

So, can American Idol boost its ratings and finish strong for the remainder of the season. Only time will tell as the next few weeks pass. Or will The Voice take over American Idol’s Reign and become the new number one singing competition reality show.

As for Thursday night’s show, fans voted off its third male contestant, Devin Velez. Which now gives the next American Idol a greater chance of being female.

Devin Velez on the other hand says he wasn’t surprised he was sent home packing and in his lost is keeping things positive.

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