Ammar Harris suspect of Las Vegas Shooting fights extradition

Ammar Harris boasts of a high-rolling lifestyle with prostitutes in Miami and Las Vegas.

Ammar Harris suspect of Las Vegas Shooting fights extradition

Ammar Harris, is the prime suspect in a fatal shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, where aspiring Rapper, Kenny Clutch, had been shot, along with two other innocent people.

Ammar Harris was captured in Los Angeles, on Thursday. He made his first appearance in the, Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday. The Judge scheduled a March 14 hearing, to prove his identity.

Ammar Harris’s defense lawyer, insisted that the police and other authorities from Nevada, asked to have him summoned to Los Angeles to identify him in court, as the fugitive they seek for the February 21st shooting.

The two men had argued minutes earlier in a casino valet area, police said.

This ends a week-long manhunt. According to police, Ammar Harris is suspected of firing shots, from the Range Rover on the Maserati, being driven by Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr. at an intersection in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

The crash closed the Strip for about 15 hours while police investigated

It was not immediately clear who would testify at the hearing, which will be in Los Angeles. Relatives of Ammar Harris suspect of Las Vegas Shooting fights extraditionone of the victims traveled to Los Angeles for the hearing. Tehran Boldon’s brother, Michael, was driving a taxi that exploded in flames after the crash and shooting.

“Mike was the one who always represented our family at any event, and now that responsibility lies on me,” said Tehran Boldon. “I have some very big shoes to fill.

“It was very callous. There could always be others around in a public place, at any time you discharge a weapon.”

Law enforcement officers arrested Ammar Harris at an apartment in  Los Angeles’, Studio City area, hours after police found the last of the women who were with him in the SUV.

Harris faces three counts of murder and a count of attempted murder connected to shots fired a Rapper, Kenny Clutch’s passenger who survived the incident. The family of the taxi driver killed last month, has sued the self-described pimp accused of the crime. Michael Boldon’s son and estate, filed the negligent lawsuit on Monday in Las Vegas against Ammar Harris.

“He was an innocent bystander. He wasn’t a pimp a Rapper. He was a man earning a living, caring for him family.” He moved to Las Vegas two years ago to help take care of his ailing, 93-year-old mother.

The suit also names the unidentified manufacturer of the taxi as a defendant. Smith said he has been advised that the vehicle was not a gas or propane and also said the family has not been provided an explanation for the explosion of flames.

On Friday, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson vowed to put his top prosecutors on the case and he said he would explore the death penalty against Harris.

The victim’s family would like to see Harris “returned to Las Vegas immediately,” Boldon said.

Cherry’s slaying took place less than a mile from where Rapper, Tupac Shakur was fatally shot in September 1996 while ridding a BMW with Death Row Records co-founder Mario “Suge” Knight, after the two men had attended a Mike Tyson boxing match.

Ammar Harris is a convicted felon in South Carolina, and who shows fists full of money on Internet posts, and boasts of a high-rolling lifestyle with prostitutes in Miami and Las Vegas.

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    Why returned to Las Vegas? A jail is a jail is a jail, and that’s where this guy belongs. Jail; who cares what state its in.


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