Ann Coulter: Poster Girl for Racism

Why don't republicans see Coulter's behavior as repulsive

Ann Coulter: Poster Girl for Racism

You have to give her credit, she is one of the few on the right or left who never “flip flops”.  Pundit Ann Coulter has always been a racist and a bigot, and she has maintained her position for as long as anyone has gathered to listen to  her babble.

Speaking to like minds at CPAC, she spewed venom that her peers enjoyed.   She has depicted Latinos as “a deluge of unskilled immigrants pouring into the country,” and she’ll explain to anyone who will listen that immigrants are looking for little more than the next government handout. Her deep ignorance of both the American Latino community and immigration reform is shameful.

Although it would be unfair to criticize her, or compare her to “Caribou Barbie”, she is proving that blonde, female Republicans have little room in their heads for anything other than prejudice and hatred.

Coulter displayed the growing rift in the GOP as she attacked Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie for their position on immigration reform.  Although it needs to be said that Rubio never mentioned immigration during his turn at the podium.

Coulter insisted that some Republicans want to join Democrats and give full amnesty to nearly 12 million illegal immigrants.  She is either ill-informed, or “stretching the truth”.  No one is in favor of a policy that will grant unrestricted amnesty.

Coulter’s smug rally to become “single-issue voters” smacks of panic she accuses others of experiencing.  Her take on immigration is exactly the kind of ill-informed and short-sighted stance that has caused the GOP to lose supporters.

Just last month, Coulter confirmed her position on social issues when she appeared on a FOX broadcast with John Stossel.

The conversation took a bitter turn when Stossel, an outspoken libertarian, and Coulter began discussing the country’s drug war and marijuana legalization. She said libertarians spent way too much time talking about drugs when they should be talking about government regulation and employment policy — and that they were just “sucking up to liberals.”

“Libertarians and pot,” said Coulter. “This is why people think libertarians are p-ssies.” (Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell, who was at the debate, wrote that though the word was bleeped out in the broadcast, Coulter definitely dished out that particular insult.)

Stossel went on to ask Coulter about gay marriage. “Why can’t gays get married?” he asked.

“Well, they can,” Coulter said.  They have to marry a member of the opposite sex.”

At this point, the room erupted in boos.

Coulter is another great American, unfortunately she is a reincarnation of Jefferson Davis.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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