Clark County Republican Party Central Committee Meeting is Tonight


Tonight we meet again, the Clark County Republican Central Committee, at 7 pm in the Veil Room at Silverton Hotel and Casino. The last meeting was all about voting on rules changes, basically grunt work that is finally completed. One interesting point came up about the AR 15 and the fact that it was not there that fateful day when so many school children lost their lives. The media reported that the young man had used an AR 15 but that is untrue. The only guns used were hand guns and he had a shotgun in the trunk of his car. There were a lot of people at that meeting that thought the boy had used an AR 15 but were convinced it had not been used because the Coroner’s report said no AR 15 rounds were found. I had to remind the folks that it is the Democrats who lie to advance their agenda, Republicans tell the truth to advance our agenda.

Tonight we will be hearing from our Candidates for City Council Bob Beers, Stavros Anthony and Suzette LaGrange as well as elections to fill vacancies for The Executive Board of Trustees from District D and District E. The good news is that you do not need to be a member to attend. If you are a Republican, you need only attend the very next meeting and you will then become a voting member of the Clark County Republican Central Committee. If you are not a Republican you can also attend the meeting but you will not be eligible to join unless you become a Republican. The bottom line is that only members can vote on issues. That means first meeting Republicans cannot vote, only observe, until they attend the next meeting in May. That means non Republicans can never vote, only observe. You can only participate in debate if you are a member.

I hope to see many of you at tonight’s meeting at 7pm or if you want to observe the debate about the NDAA then come at 6pm.

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