Bachelor proposes to Catherine Giudici

Bachelor proposes to Catherine Giudici

“I love you so much!” Sean told his new fiancée after asking her hand in marriage. Catherine Giudici the goofy, nerdy, 26-year-old graphic designer has won the heart of “Bachelor” Sean Lowe.

“This has been a crazy journey,” Sean told an obviously nervous, shaking Catherine, who was wearing a shimmery, gold gown. “I knew from the very beginning that you were someone I wanted to be around. I miss you every time I have to say goodbye. I don’t want to say goodbye anymore.”

Both Sean and Catherine were extremely emotional as they embraced and kissed repeatedly.
“Oh my gosh this is — oh my gosh. Is this for real?!” Catherine questioned.

“I love you so much. I really do, and I’m going to tell you every day. I promise you that,” Sean said.

“I want to spend the rest of my life telling you I love you and making you feel like the most special, beautiful woman in the world,” Sean said beaming, as he got down on one knee. “Catherine, will you marry me?”

“Yes! Ohmygod!” Catherine squealed as the Neil Lane diamond slid onto her finger. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, is this for real?

Catherine asked the Bachelor if he could feel her heart beating so rapidly.

“Are you prepared to spend the rest of your life with me?!” Sean asked with excitement.

“Yes!” Catherine replied with glee.

Sean then offered Catherine his final rose and she accepted without a moment of hesitation. She told her man she was so grateful to have met him and he was her best friend and Prince Charming. Sean then acknowledged it was the best day of his life.

The day wasn’t all sunshine and…roses, though. Before proposing to Catherine, Sean first had to break up with Lindsay Yenter, a 24-year-old substitute teacher from North Carolina, who infamously showed up the first night dressed in a wedding dress and got veeeeery tipsy.

Sean told a stunned Lindsay that letting her go was the “toughest thing” he ever had to do.
“I want to give you my heart so bad, but my heart is somewhere else,” he said. “I’ve been so confused, and have been searching and praying for clarity. I think I’ve finally gotten it.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m gonna go because this is painful,” she said, breaking down and sobbing. “This is a nightmare. I’m happy for you, I’m happy that you found love, but I honestly can’t imagine my life without you and that’s something I’m going to have to figure out.”

Sean chose Catherine
“I know this feeling. I felt it a hundred times. I feel like an idiot once again. I fell in love and they don’t want a future with you. I fell for it thinking that he’s going to propose and then just break up with me?! Just dangle everything that I’ve ever wanted in front of my face and then take it away. Yes, please. Do that, because that’s exactly what I’ve always wanted,” Lindsay said after facing a heart-wrenching rejection.

Jay told the bachelorette if Sean was to pick her, he’d love her like his own daughter and he’d be her biggest fan. Catherine said it was a dream for her to hear that and potentially become a member of Sean’s family.

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  1. SnailMail   March 12, 2013 at 10:00 am

    Sean and Catherine are so cute together and I can’t help but be happy for them. Sean’s tearful response to Catherine’s letter, the beautiful proposal, and Catherine’s reaction to knowing that she was the one really warmed my heart. I’m a sucker for romance and true love stories; these two look like they’ve really got something special. I watched a clip of the After the Final Rose special in my office at DISH and I can tell that there really is something amazing happening right in front of our eyes. I really do wish them the best and I’m excited to see them get married in a few months. I didn’t get to see the final rose ceremony live because I was still at work but I caught up with the show on my train ride home. Thanks to the Hopper and DISH Anywhere I can turn my iPad into a TV anytime, anywhere.


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