Bailey O’Naell 12-years-old taken off life support

Bailey was the victim of two bullies in the school yard.

Bailey O'Nell 12 taken off life support6th Grader Taken Off of Life Support

Bailey O’Neill, had just turned 12 Saturday. He was taken off life support Sunday.

“Late yesterday, we were informed about the death of Bailey O’Neill,” Stephen Butz, superintendent of the Southeast Delco School District wrote in a statement this morning.

“Our school community is deeply saddened by this loss. Our condolences are with Bailey’s family and Bailey O'Nell 12 taken off life supportfriends during this very difficult time.”

Bailey was the victim of two bullies in the school yard.  One of them punched him in the face, breaking his nose.  He was examined by doctors at DuPont Hospital in Delaware and released, but a few days later he began having seizures.  He was placed in a medically induced coma, and yesterday the decision was made to remove life support that was keeping him alive.

No charges have been made, and authorities are not saying if his death will change that fact.

“During this time, our thoughts and prayers are with Bailey’s family and friends,” Butz said in his statement, issued on the district website.

“First of all I want to say the battle isn’t over we will remember Bailey always and we will continue this fight until Bullying is eradicated,” said a post on the Prayers for Bailey O’Neill Facebook page, which is not run by the family.

“With the heaviest heart we want to inform you all that Bailey has gone to be with the Lord please, please, please continue to pray for his family and continue on this fight for us until no child ever has to face a situation like this again. God Bless You all thank you so much!”

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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