Nicki Minaj releasing new fashion line


Nicki Minaj releasing new fashion line

Nicki Minaj is adding another title to her already impressive resume. Now the Pink Friday star is adding a fashion line but don’t expect the star to just slap her name on anything. For this line was giving a lot of thought and made personable for her fans to enjoy and afford.

THE NICKI MINAJ COLLECTION will be available through Kmart and a new interactive website.

Recently, while in West Hollywood for the launch Nicki said this of her new line. “It’s very important that I’m not just slapping my name on something. It’s important that my fans are going to know that if Nicki is putting it in her line, then Nicki is going to be wearing it. That’s why on we are creating catalogs, and I get to see what my fans like, and say ‘Hey I like that too.’ Right now it’s very real time, it’s very personable. I want to create looks like these [dresses]. I have been doing a lot of dresses lately, and I feel more confident when I wear dresses. It doesn’t have to be super over the top sexy. Some of the dresses that I have been doing lately have been completely covered like sweater dresses and my fans have really responded to it. My fans are like ‘Hey Nicki, we want the crazy leggings’ and stuff like that but we also want to have things that we can wear whether we are going to work or whatever. I’m really focused on the dresses! I’ve been feeling so romantic and sexy lately.”

Also, Nicki fans can look forward to a new album soon as Parker Ighile one of Nicki’s first artist signed to her own label recently said in an interview that he is in the process of putting together new ideas for a new Nicki album. The producer has produced such hits as “What Now” by Rihanna and “Do it like a Dude” by Jessie J.

-Kelly J Newson