Bethesda: Suicide, Woman puts herself on Red Line

Woman is desperate to end her life.

Bethesda: Train Track suicide attempt.

Bethesda: Washington Metro said that at 5:30 p.m this afternoon, a woman placed herself on the outbound track, toward Shady Grove, of the Red Line at Bethesda. Fortunately, the train stopped in time to avert an obvious suicide attempt. The woman has not been named.

Dan Stessel of Washington Metro said, she refused to move, so Metro Transit Police were called and advised she may need medical evaluation. The woman was taken to the hospital for an “involuntary committal.”

The Red Line moved to single-tracking, which has caused delays. Trains are running on single-tracking between Friendship Heights and the Medical Center so that they didn’t run over the woman.

Red Line resumed two-track operations at 5:40 p.m. Customers should expect residual delays in both directions on the Red Line as Metro resumes normal operations.

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Debra Wattes

Columnist- The Guardian Express

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