Burt Wonderstone must pull a rabbit out the hat to compete with “The Call” at box office

Burt Wonderstone have to pull a rabbit from a hat with "The Call" runner-up

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone must pull a rabbit out of a hat to avoid a disappearing act at the box office. Despite its bigger budget and higher-profile cast, the magic comedy starring Steve Carell and Jim Carrey will have to fight against the thriller “The Call” for this weekend’s runner-up position; and here’s why?

“Do NOT practice this at home”.
Sometimes part of the job means to save a life, included yours.

In Las Vegas, you can live all kind of things or nothing at all. In a casino, you can easily get out from the movies and next to a newlyweds couple, you can deal with any emotion, and have a drink at any bar. This time I decided to release my excitement and adrenaline with a glass of wine after the premiere of “The Call.” Stared by Halle Berry, Michael Eklund, Abigail Breslin and directed by Brad Anderson, we are talking about very good and well done… SUSPENSE!.

Premiere this week, totally recommendable. Go watch “The Call.” But, forget about being able to leave that seat not even for a second, nor to be able to seat down completely. And if you decide to eat something, be aware of either, missing a lot if you have to go to the restroom or having your bladder explode.

In case you are looking for a message, “we gotta’ fight” is what the 911 operator clearly expresses, building up most part of the story. With a surprising end, just fair enough for the victims but also kind of crazy to be real, this movie will keep you mortified until the end, when it gives you the chance to release all the stress and question yourself about life and about living with consciousness  911 operators, policemen and any other similar occupation, reflect about their job, same than Jordan, played by Halle Berry: “Sometimes you end up being responsible of somebody’s life or death, and once you are not ready to deal with it, you are ready to leave”.

Halle Berry can’t help her beauty, but offers also a very complete character. A Michael Eklund makin a fantastic Psycho and two surprising girls delivering a great acting (Abigail Breslin and Evie Thompson).
One thing I can tell you for sure, this movie makes you consider to seriously forget about the disposable phones. So much that is easy to ridiculously think that a marketing campaign pro GPS and pro Smart phones could discretely be behind all this.

I am not good at all watching horror movies, but I would definitely trade more than one of those for more movies like this one. Nowadays, it takes a lot to keep an audience attentive or entertained, and even more to involve the public in such a way to make them clap once they feel identified with some of the actions. This type of details are the ones that make movies like this one, a complete and true cinema phenomenon, full of entertainment.

Good dialogues, clues well delivered, nothing that much predictable. And, my dear readers, this movie becomes a good excuse to think twice before dialing 911. Hopefully all the agents in this department are truly full of investigation capacity, survival and cleverness as Jordan, the principal role is.

This is a movie that makes you question human’s curiosity and our attachment to what we fear the most. A story that doesn’t take you completely down to the psycho drama because it saves you with the victim’s rebellion. A movie to be mortified for over an hour, but to be very satisfied at the end of it. Go watch it and check how you leave the room.

Totally recommendable, I insist; and I can’t imagine another movie showing in theaters this weekend, having a greater impact on box office receipts, not even Burt Wonderstone.

Thanks a lot to The Guardian Express for my seat in the 7th row and for my wonderful Press Pass.
Go to the movies, go watch “The Call.” and let me know what you think about it: Twitter @KlaudikoGogo.


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