“Defense of Marriage Act” and Gay Marriage Exposes Closet Hypocrites

“I’m Against it Unless it Directly Affects Me”

Defense of Marriage Act and Gay Marriage Expose Closet Hypocrites

Rob Portman, Republican Senator from Ohio was one of the authors of the “Defense of Marriage Act”, which stipulates that without exception “marriage is between a man and a woman”.  He has voted against gay rights many times.

He’s changed his mind.  He’s now in favor of gay marriage.  Why?  It’s simple.  He is now directly involved in same-sex marriage.  One of his sons is gay.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, personally, I think this is something that we should allow people to do, to get married, and to have the joy and stability of marriage that I’ve had for over 26 years. That I want all of my children to have, including our son, who is gay,” said Portman.

Asked by reporters why he hadn’t considered the rights of LGBT  Americans previously, his answer was;  “I never really thought about it that much.”

That may be true, but if it is, why has he been so steadfastly against their rights, even to a point of authoring a bill against them?  Before he was so adamantly opposed, shouldn’t he have researched the subject in its entirety?

He is receiving some positive response, and I don’t know why.  He is just another Republican who fails to support all of the people, all of the time.  Then, when he is personally affected by an issue he previously denounced, he supports it.

This entire party is made up of “flip-floppers” and hypocrites.  Portman is just another one of them.

I sincerely believe he hadn’t “thought” about it much.  Republicans are not allowed to think, they do what they are told to do.

A perfect example of this is occurring at this moment, as I write this.

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Congress is meeting in Maryland, spewing the party line to their “choir”.  (Marco Rubio was so fearful of being ostracized that he never mentioned a cause he is involved in up to his neck, comprehensive immigration.)  Not invited were Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, and Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia, both rising stars in the Republican Party.

Governor Christie committed the mortal sin of praising President Obama for his assistance and support after “Super Storm Sandy”.

Governor McDonnell raised taxes in his state, violating a TEA Party commandment.

They did not follow instructions from GOP hierarchy to the letter, and are considered lepers.

The problems with our federal government are directly related to a policy of “unity, right or wrong” instilled during the Bush administration.  There are only a handful from the right side of the aisle who believe in negotiation and compromise.  For the majority, it’s “my way or the highway”.

The Supreme Court will consider overturning the “Defense of Marriage Act”.  President Obama’s administration has filed documents asking the Court to do so because it violates “equal protection under the law”.  Other petitions have been filed by prominent Republicans, and successful businesses across the nation.

On March 26th the Court will hear arguments to overturn California’s proposition 8.  The following day they will hear arguments for and against the “Defense of Marriage Act.” If you’re paying attention, once again you’ll see just how the republican party as a whole don’t truly care about the individual. As I mentioned earlier, Senator Rob Portman admits that when he voted for the “Defense of Marriage Act,” he “never really thought about it that much.” While the court’s decision on the matter is extremely important to U.S. policy, I’m betting that both Gay Marriage and the “Defense of Marriage Act” will continue to expose closet hypocrites in the republican party.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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