“Do-Nothing” Congress Take Bonuses

Ackerman, Gary, D-NY. Apparent bonuses: $147,633.34

“Do-Nothing” Congress Take Bonuses

At a time when the main topic for many in Washington is “spending”, and when spending cuts present the possibility of increasing the hardship of the working class, our Congressmen are taking “bonuses”.  It is listed on their expense reports as “other compensation”.

The following were the worst:

Ackerman, Gary, D-NY.  Apparent bonuses:  $147,633.34

Blumenauer, Earl, D-OR.  Bonuses:           $91,335.14

Capuano, Michael, D-MA.  Bonuses:  $69,100

Deutch, Ted, D-FL.  Bonuses:  $77,001.84

Huizenga, Bill, R-MI.  Bonuses:  $49,892

Johnson, Sam, R-TX.  Bonuses:  $66,250

Rogers, Hal, R-AL.  Bonuses:  $51,519.86

Ross, Dennis, R-FL. Bonuses:  $56,000

Rep. Mike Thompson, D-CA, wrote, “have a hard working, dedicated team… and I want to pay a salary that reflects their service.”

What hard work?  Congressional record shows the 112th accomplished the least in history, and 113th is apparently attempting to surpass it.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-FL, responded, “We have not had raises or bonuses in several years. The small compensation reflects an increased workload each person had to take on after our staff was downsized because of budgetary cuts.”

Once more I say, “whose leg are you trying to pull?

Similarly, Rep. Dennis Ross, R-FL insisted that the bonuses allowed him to save money. “I believe performance-based pay is an important incentive in the workplace… Also, in the past year we’ve reduced our staff… The bonuses are to reward those remaining for taking on additional duties,” he said.

Staffs should be cut, you obviously don’t need them anyway.

The 8 I listed were the largest of the Democrats and Republicans, but there are many more who take various amounts.

This should be in every publication, on every on-line blog in the United States.  With Congress having an approval rating of under 10%, this would help it hit rock bottom.

Just remember America, you elected them.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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