Florida Gulf Coast University defeated Georgetown

Florida Gulf Coast University defeated Georgetown
FGCU Has Rewritten History

Florida Gulf Coast University defeated Georgetown, a number 2 seed on Friday.  Sunday they defeated the San Diego State Aztecs to advance to the “sweet sixteen”.  No 15 seeded team has ever made it to that level before.

They were having fun, and seemingly felt no pressure as they dominated the last twenty minutes, going on a 17-0 run late in the second half to turn a 54-52 lead into a 71-52 blowout.

They are simply faster than the teams they play.  They contest every shot, every dribble, and every rebound.

Tweets called them ‘Dunk City’ because of their “alley oops” passes resulting in slam dunks. They were by far the best team in their last two games.


Other games of interest involved Ohio State, Iowa State, Indiana and Temple.

Ohio State and Iowa State was a battle of 40 minutes.  Neither team let up, and neither team was going to lose.

As the Buckeyes appeared to be running away late in the second half, they led by 13 points.  Iowa State began dropping 3 pointers, and the game was tied at 75.  The ball was in the hands of team leader Aaron Craft.  He held the ball as long as he could, letting time run off the clock.  Miss it, it’s overtime, make it, they’re in the sweet sixteen.  Shooting over a six foot seven inch defender, he found nothing but net.  Final 78-75.


Indiana had its own hero in the last seconds as the Temple Owls would not go away. The Hoosiers had to come from behind to catch Temple.  They did it with an aggressive defense.

Indiana finally had a one point lead.  With 14 seconds left, Victor Oladipo decided that wasn’t enough.  He calmly moved to the top of the key and dropped in a 3 pointer to give the Hoosiers a 4 point lead.  The final was 58-52.

Tournament play begins again on Thursday.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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