iPhone5 Has The Best Camera of Any Smartphone?

Phone5- it’s been reported to becoming the camera of choice for consumers. But according to bloggers, this may not be true.

iPhone5 has The Best Camera of Any Smartphone?

Apple’s iPhone5 has been often praised by tech geeks and consumers as having one of the best cameras offered in a smartphone. Notwithstanding this popular perception, recent accounts reveal that iPhone5 has some consumers frustrated with the camera, due to its inability to take photos when directed at the sunlight and its fragility of the casing. The Barclays report, which is the center piece of this article, never once mentions this consumer concern. On the contrary, Barclays unambiguously puts forth the idea that iPhone not only out performs its completion on the open market, in addition, it’s the best phone money can buy. 

Now before you dive into Barclay’s tendentious findings, you might find comfort in knowing I have published a counterargument  challenging Barclay’s claims. I’ve included a link to this opposing view following the  close of this discussion. I hope you find both arguments as informative as I have.

Barclays reports:
The use of the iPhone5 as a real camera is an important metric for Apple Inc. as it makes the product more valuable to consumers, and justifies a higher price tag. The iPhone 5 is picking up momentum as a premium camera.

One of the topics repeatedly studied by analysts at Barclays is the use of the iPhone5 and other Apple smartphones on photo sharing site Flickr. The March 12th report on the firm, showed a significant uptick in the use of the iPhone 5 as a real camera.
According to Flickr, the iPhone5 is the third most commonly used camera on its site, with 3,988 average daily users. The top two spots are held by the iPhone4S and the iPhone4 respectively. The iPhone4S still manages to accumulate an average of 5,502 daily users. The iPhone5 has seen an increase of 23% in the last month.

As Apple Inc. friendly consumers upgrade to the latest model, the numbers of customers using it as their primary camera is likely to increase. The iPhone5 has the best camera of any Apple smart phone yet. That makes it the most likely to replace traditional enthusiast cameras.

The fourth and fifth positions on the Flickr chart belong to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II which had 3,553 in the last week, while the Canon EOS 7D had 2,884 average daily users. The position on Flickr of the iPhone5 being above those professional Canon options, is a sign that the Apple smart phone could be the go to camera in years to come. At least, that’s what the analysts at Barclays believe.

According to the report, the analysts see the iPhone 5 “becoming the digital camera of choice for consumers, reflecting its ease of use and ability to get photos online quickly.” If that prediction proves true, Apple Inc. smart phones will be untouched by competitors.

According to the analysis, when it comes to pictures, the iPhone5 is being used much more often as a premium device, than its major Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. competitors. That means that the phone is a more valuable product to consumers, despite the similar pricing. If that rings true, the iPhone5 will retain its place despite the coming Galaxy S4 launch.


Challenge to Barclays’ iPhone Report

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