Apple iPhone5 and iPhone6 successor must improve to maintain dominance

Contrary to recent Barclays report, iPhone6 may run into steep competition

 Apple iPhone5 and iPhone6 successor must improve to maintain dominance

When it comes to corporate earnings, holdings (more than 2 trillion in assests), branding, and overall corporate dominance, Barclay’s has maintained commanding hegemony over its own future since 1690. But that’s no excuse for putting out a fairly subjective smartphone report, which practically crowned  the iPhone series as not only the best smartphone but also brazenly asserting it processed the best camera feature on the market. Never mind customer complaints to the contrary. In fact, it public knowledge that  the iPhone5 was plagued with problems when it was first released. And as far as apple holding a sustainable dominance in the market place, neither iPhone5 or the highly anticipated successor, iPhone6 can rest on its past accomplishments unless Apple makes a strong commitment towards improving its gradually sinking product quality immediately. Market and technological indicators suggests, companies like Samsung increasingly appear to be emerging at a rate that could foreseeable not only match Apple’s smartphone ingenuity, but surpass the cellphone giant in areas where they’ve never been challenged.

Currently Apple’s iPhone5 is the best-selling smartphone in the world according to Barclays analysts. Although many experts are already projecting the announcement of the iPhone6, the iPhone5 is still maintaining popularity. Although the iPhone5 remains popular, as with all new product upgrades there is usually plenty of room for improvement. The iPhone5 was plagued with problems when it was first released. Consumers complained about the casing, that it would easily scratch and chip. In addition, the iPhone5 discontinued the Google Maps being pre-loaded onto Apple devices. That wouldn’t have been an issue for consumers had the Apple Maps replacement, been any competition for the previously loaded Google Maps, unfortunately it was a disaster. Finally, there were complaints about the iPhone5 camera, that reportedly created a strange purple light when being aimed directly toward the sun.

Consequently there is plenty of room for improvement in the iPhone5, and we suspect that the iPhone 6 will resolve many of those iPhone5 issues. It’s still unclear when the iPhone6 will be released, but we suspect it will be around the summer of 2013 or sometime next year. It’s safe to say that Apple will release the follow up to the iPhone5 soon because it must compete against new high-end phones from HTC and Samsung.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to take a look at iPhone5 features that need improvement in the iPhone6.

1) Apple A7 Processor: The iPhone5 launched with the Apple A6 processor, accordingly one of the best mobile processors on the market, but it’s already being dated by new smartphones running on the Android. The HTC One has a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, easily superior to the capabilities of the iPhone5. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to run on Samsung’s brand new mobile processor, the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor, which reportedly has eight cores. No matter how you look at it, the iPhone5 processor is about to be sent to the back of the line. In order for Apple to keep up with the competition, the company needs to release an iPhone with at the very least a processor that matches a quad-core.
Apple appears most likely to use Qualcomm for future processing needs. Samsung and Apple have been fiercely competitive in court, and now that the companies are bitter rivals, Apple appears to have aligned itself with Qualcomm, one of the other ultra-popular processing manufacturers. “It is likely that the work with QCOM is being driven by AAPL’s concern, regarding maintaining gross margins, as well as the need to differentiate the product by performance,” said analysts at Detwiler Fenton according to a Forbes article. “AAPL would not want a value priced iPhone to offer the same kind of graphics and video support, processing power etc. that its premium priced device would, therefore a less powerful lower-end Snapdragon integrated solution would help segment the product.”

2) New Casing Materials: The iPhone5 case was one of the biggest shortcomings. For several generations, the iPhone has been made using a mix plastic, glass and aluminum. Although the new iPhone design, is arguably the sleekest yet, consumers complained that the iPhone was easily scratched and nicked. Reports from blogs specializing in leaked Apple information, suggest that the successor to the iPhone5 will have a plastic casing. “Apple’s rumored entry-level iPhone reportedly may adopt plastic for its chassis instead of reinforced glass or unibody metal as in the company’s standard iPhone models, to save cost, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” reports DigiTimes.

3) Screen Resolution: The iPhone5 was praised for having one of the best screens on the market, but that is changing very quickly. The HTC One, which has the best screen available of any device on the market, is known for having an extremely high pixel density and incredible viewing angles. The HTC One has a 1080 x 1920 resolution that packs in a massive 468 pixels-per-inch (PPI), which gives it a significantly sharper resolution than the iPhone5. By comparison, the iPhone5 had a 640 x 1136 resolution, 326 pixels-per-inch (PPI). Needless to say, if the iPhone is going to remain popular over the next few years, Apple will need to include a high resolution screen in the next generation of the device.

4) Better Camera: The iPhone5 failed to include a camera that was useable in extremely bright situations. Users complained passionately regarding the purple hue that was apparent anytime a photo was taken toward direct sunlight. In addition, Apple made the camera a measly 8 megapixels. The Galaxy S4, launched this week, is expected to include a 13 megapixel camera, putting the iPhone5’s camera behind the times. In addition, the HTC One features a new “ultrapixel” camera that has received highly favored reviews.

5) iOS 7: The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 6, has been incredibly successful and most consumers have given it favorable reviews. It’s certainly better than the Android and is frequently the platform chosen by App entrepreneurs to launch their new creations Still, consumers hope that Apple continues to add new features to iOS, and one of them is the ability to attach a track pad to mobile devices, something that both Android and Windows 8 support. Other requests and suspicions suggest that Apple will be adding widget-like features to the home screen of iOS devices. Although there is still plenty of time before the successor to the iPhone5 launches.

I suppose the important point to make is that any product has its fault and the new and improved version fixes the previous version problems, for the most part. But, when the new version comes out, it too is plagued with its own problems. Some consumers will find the iPhone5 perfect for their particular set of circumstances. But I think, according to the above conflict of content, it really depends what you’re going to use it for.


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