Jade Anderson 14-Year-Old Mauled and Killed by Pack of Dogs.

Police forensics officers arrive to investigate the scene where a 15-year-old girl was found dead amid five aggressive dogs in a house in Wigan

14-Year Old-Girl Mauled and Killed by Pack of Dogs.

Jade Anderson, age 14, was alone at a friend’s house Wednesday.  They had 5 dogs.  No one knows why, but the dogs attacked and killed her.

She was found dead at a house in
 on Tuesday afternoon after police were called about reports of an unconscious girl and “out-of-control” dogs.

Police responded with weapons in hand.  Describing the dogs as “very aggressive”, officers killed 4 of the dogs and contained one in a room within the house.Jade Anderson 14-Year-Old Mauled and Killed by Pack of Dogs.

The police are hoping that an autopsy will reveal the cause for the attack.  The remains of the dogs will also be examined, as well as the breeds of the animals.

UK newspaper reports suggest that an American bulldog, two Staffordshire bull terriers and a bull mastiff attacked the teenager. None of those breeds are banned in Britain.

There is speculation that the attack happened after Jade had left and returned with a “meat pie”.  Police stress that at this time that is only an assumption.

Just last month a report by the UK parliament’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee said seven people, five of them children, had been killed by dogs in homes.  The cost to the National Health Service of treating severe dog attack injuries is more than 3 million pounds ($4.5 million) a year, it said.

The agency called laws pertaining to dangerous dogs and irresponsible owners are “woefully inadequate.”

Humane societies in both Britain and the United States are quick to point out that dogs become dangerous when maltreated by their owners.  In the U.S., the Humane Society is campaigning aggressively against a Maryland Court of Appeals ruling in August that pit bulls are “inherently dangerous.”

“Singling out a particular breed or type of dog has repeatedly been proven to be ineffective at curbing dog bites because breed alone is not predictive of whether a dog may pose a danger,” its website says.

“A dog’s propensity to bite is a product of several factors primarily under the owner’s control, including early socialization, whether the dog is spayed or neutered and whether the dog is isolated or chained.”

There are more reports of pit bulls protecting small children than of them attacking human beings.  The Humane Society claims that no dog is inherently dangerous.  Dogs become dangerous due to breeding and environment.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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