Jim Davidson Arrested on Alleged Sex Offenses

Jim Davidson Arrested on Suspicion of Sex Offences, Again

In January comedian and game show host Jim Davidson was arrested on suspicion of sexual offenses.  Davidson, 59 years old was face of the BBC’s Saturday night in the 1990s with shows such as The Generation Game and Big Break.

Allegations were made by two women regarding acts that occurred some 25 years ago.  Davidson responded:

“I’ve never forced myself on a girl in my life.

“When they put the allegations to me, I was just mystified. I can’t remember last week – let alone 25 years ago.

“But I know this much, I have never ever taken advantage, or anything else like that, of a woman,” said Davidson.

Davidson was re-arrested today as part of an ongoing investigation in  Operation Yewtree, the national investigation prompted by the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal.

So far 9 people have been arrested in the scandal.  Scotland Yard said last month 31 allegations of rape had been made against Savile and 589 people had come forward with information relating to the scandal.

Revealing the scale of the investigation in December, Commander Peter Spindler said 450 individuals had made allegations against former BBC celebrity Savile, mostly of sexual assault. It is understood that 139 individuals made allegations against others, including celebrities and people in positions of power.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

One Response to "Jim Davidson Arrested on Alleged Sex Offenses"

  1. clint   March 20, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    35 year old allegations against Mr davidson, are these women having a laugh? oh joan collins fondled me at school 40 years ago, sounds stupid it is stupid, how is it women get to ruin mens lives and walk away from it, michael le vell, dave le travis, freddie starr, if they want money work for it telling tall tales against stars so they can sell false stories or get compensation is just one big farce, every nut job is coming out of the woodwork knowing these so called crimes cant be investigated the police can investigate Mr murdoch in the year 2013 let alone 1980’s crimes, not all women make up rape stories but the ones that do need to do serious time for ruining a mans life until he dies, i am sick of hearing they have mental issues as a excuse for lying, we all have mental issues, women who cry rape falsley must be shown to be tried and sent to prison to set a example & stop all these fairy stories, equal rights? women seem to get the best of all worlds & never pay the piper, perjury is a crime not a whimsical fairy story women can tell when they have the hump with men.


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