John Boehner leads congress towards another ineffective term?

113th Congress on Pace to Surpass Ineffective 112th

John Boehner leads congress towards another ineffective term

John Boehner and the United States congress is on course lead congress towards another ineffective term.

The 112th Congress, 2011 through 2012, made history for the worst of reasons.  They set a record for the Congress that did the least in our history.  At last count, they passed a mere 239 bills in 2 years, and many of those were insubstantial.

Nearing the end of the first three months of the 113th Congress, they may be worse.

They have passed only 5 pieces of legislation.  2 of those were related to disaster relief for “Super Storm Sandy”, and 1 was renewing the “Violence Against Women Act.

One other reauthorized the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness.  The other was to allow the country to continue paying its obligations until May 19.

Posturing and playing the child’s game of “you’re to blame”, “no, I’m not, you are”, has become the new way of governing.

One thing has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  A Republican controlled House of Representatives means nothing gets done.  The party of “no” has been a destructive force in the accomplishment and enactment of necessary legislation that would expedite the healing of our nation’s economy.

They continually talk about regressive moves, and refuse to admit that policies under the Clinton administration gave the government a surplus.  They blame Mr. Obama for our nation’s debt, and ignore events occurring in 8 long years that put us into the mess that exists today.

If our working class is to survive, and dare I say, prosper, 2014 must see large numbers of Republicans voted out, and Democrats elected.

Under Boehner’s “leadership”, nothing will ever be accomplished.  He continually blames the President for ‘not leading’.  The only job of the Speaker of the House is to communicate with ALL House members and find a way to accomplish the nation’s needs and goals.  He doesn’t believe in talking to Democrats.

Hard work appears to be a thing of the past in Washington.  During every crisis this year, Boehner has dismissed the House members early, and told them to take “holidays”.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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