John Boehner the Bully

John Boehner the BullyBoehner the Bully

The President wants it, the American people want it, but “Mr. No” doesn’t want to offend his wealthy friends.

John Boehner, whose title is “Speaker of the House of Representatives”, though no one knows what he really does, vehemently said “no” Sunday to any form of increased federal revenue.

Let me correct your errant thinking Mr. Speaker.  We do not work to pay your salary and allow you to receive “perks” from your friends.  YOU work for US, or at least you should be.

Your inaction will eventually cause grief to those actually affected by automatic federal spending cuts.  You won’t feel any pain, but many of us will.

The Employment Development Department is reporting unemployed workers collecting federal extensions of unemployment benefits in California and across the nation could face at least a 10.7% cut in those weekly benefit amounts starting with weeks of unemployment beginning March 31, 2013.

That means that a check of 300 dollars a week will be reduced to approximately 270 dollars.

Could you live off that paltry sum?  I don’t think so.

Republicans claim the effects of the Sequester are exaggerated.  Well, they don’t really care either way, do they?  They don’t have to worry, and wait and see if they cause additional financial difficulty for working class America.

Boehner and the boys act as if they’re trying to lower their approval rating even farther.  There’s not much more room at the bottom.

Everyone is quoted as saying they are “disgusted” with continual bickering and posturing in Washington.  That’s everyone but Congress who is quite happy with the status quo.  Doing nothing means more time off for them to spend your tax dollars.

As Ben Stein, a staunch conservative, said on CBS Sunday Morning, “get back to work”.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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