Jose Rico back in Dallas for Sexual Assaults charges of teen girls

Jose Rico back in Dallas for Sexual Assaults charges of teen girls

Over a 4 month span beginning in October 2008 and ending in January 2009, two young girls were sexually assaulted in the Five Points area of Dallas. The age of the victims (12 and 14) and the manner in which they were assaulted – bound with tape – put both the neighborhood and the police on edge that a serial rapist was at work.

More than three years ago, U.S. immigration officials deported Jose Adan Rico to Mexico even though he was awaiting trial on charges of raping two young girls in Dallas County.

In response to what was believed to be a serial rapist, the Dallas Police Department’s CrimesJose Rico back in Dallas for Sexual Assaults charges of teen girls Against Children’s Unit formed an investigative team lead by Detectives Jerry Williams and Vidal Olivarez to comb through any police calls, reports or tips which could lead to a suspect. In March of 2009, detectives found a “Suspicious Person” report which described a Latin Male entering an unlocked apartment without consent. From this report, detectives were given a partial license plate number on a Chevy Tahoe. After searching through databases, the detectives were able to locate a Chevy Tahoe belonging to Jose Adan Rico. Rico had been arrested the day before for a burglary. Investigators were able to seize evidence from his Chevy Tahoe and obtain a buccal swab from him to submit for DNA testing. On March 19, 2009, detectives were notified that Rico’s DNA matched DNA evidence found at both crime scenes. As a result of the DNA match Child Exploitation Detectives obtained two Aggravated Sexual Assault warrants for Suspect Rico and added those warrants to his already pending charges.

While awaiting trial, Rico bonded out of jail in August of 2009 and was subsequently deported to Mexico where his trail went cold. While it would have been easy to shelve the investigation due to these unforeseen circumstances and hope that he would one day re-enter the country on his own volition, Detective Olivarez instead initiated the process of obtaining a Provisional Warrant. A Provisional Warrant would allow the United States Government to arrest Rico in Mexico and transport him back to the United States. While waiting for the Provisional Warrant process to wind its way through the legal system, Olivarez developed two informants who helped him pinpoint Rico’s physical address, work information and the vehicle he was driving in Mexico. Olivarez provided this information to the U.S. Marshals who ultimately assisted in arresting Rico in Mexico.

Police said they had notified both victims, who are now in their late teens, to let them know about Rico’s capture.

Fassett, the child exploitation squad supervisor, said he was relieved Rico is back in custody.

“I don’t want to say it becomes personal, but we live these cases,” he said. “We need closure like families need closure.”

Today the U.S. Marshals will land in Dallas with Rico. The detective that Rico dodged for over 3 years will meet him on the tarmac. The girls, who are now in their late teens, will finally get the chance to confront the man who forced himself into their lives, took away their childhood and terrorized them so long ago.


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