Sedrew Price: By Popular Demand

Sedrew Price: By Popular Demand


Sedrew Price is no rookie to hip hop, with several hit mixtapes under his belt Sedrew is something of a veteran. Still, this young talent goes unsigned but with his latest mixtape POPULAR DEMAND Sedrew continues to prove he is a force to reckon with.

Sedrew likes perfection so he takes time when releasing projects and singles.

Sedrew Price has a strong following and fans love his music and demand for new music from Sedrew. Still, Sedrew takes his time and releases music that can be loved for months even years.

Now, with his latest project POPULAR DEMAND in which Sedrew released 7 brand new tracks. Starting with the Las Vegas themed track ‘YouInLV.’ Sedrew Price is not shy to showing love to his city, Vegas.

Also, Sedrew Price gets a bit religious with the ‘Passion of Christ’ track which he also released as a single and shot a video for. Sedrew Price keeps it real in his music, something all music fans can appreciate.


-Passion of Christ
-The bLVd

With a flow and skill that Sedrew possess, it’s no wonder he wears a crown. Vegas breeds some of the most talented MC’s, and Dizzy Wright & Sedrew Price are proof of that.

Passion of Christ – Sedew Price
Twitter: @SeDrewPrice

-Kelly J Newson

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