Kevin Ware snaps leg attempting to block a three point shot (Vi)

Kevin Ware snap leg attempting to block a three point shot (Vi)

Four Dominating Teams Will Be In Atlanta For the “Final Four”

Sunday’s results:

In the first half of the game between Duke and Louisville, a single injury dominated the thoughts and emotions of every fan.  Kevin Ware, of Louisville, crashed to the floor snapping his  as he attempted to block a three point shot.  His screams could be heard above the 45,000 or so fans.  I looked at the television and realized that a leg was not supposed to be bent that way.

I have seen and experienced many basketball injuries.  I’ve seen broken ankles.  I’ve experienced severe sprains, and was once knocked unconscious.  But I never witnessed a compound fracture in two places before.

Fans, players, and coaches were all filled with emotion, some to tears.  He was taken off of the floor on a stretcher and to a local Indianapolis hospital.

He will be in recovery for a year.

Ware, who is from the Atlanta, Georgia area, scene of this year’s Final Four, called his teammates over to where he lay in agony, and told them to worry about the game, not him, he would be all right.

So the Cardinals did just that.  The game was close at halftime, but after the break Louisville went on a 17-2 run and never looked back.

Louisville won the battle “in the paint” 40-28.  As Coach Rick Pitino replaced starters, the lead widened.

The second half saw the Cardinals crush the Blue Devils.  The final score was 85-63.  Louisville is the unanimous favorite to win it all.

The early game was never competitive.  Trey Burke and the rest of the Wolverines were determined to get to Atlanta.  They started the game by scoring an unanswered 13 points.  At one time they led by 24, and saw the halftime score 47-30.  Florida never found a way to challenge Michigan, and lost 79-59.

“We haven’t gotten off the greatest of starts of late. That was a terrific start,” Michigan coach John Beilein said. “Just hanging in there with our defense allowed us to keep that separation.”

“A lot of guys said we were really young and that we couldn’t get here,” said Burke, a sophomore and the South Region’s most outstanding player. “We’re here now and we still have unfinished business.”

By losing, No. 3 seed Florida became the first team in NCAA tournament history to fall in the Elite Eight three consecutive seasons. Michigan, meanwhile, advances to play Syracuse in the national semifinals Saturday in Atlanta.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

Louisville Player Kevin Ware Snaps His Leg!

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