Los Angeles 9-Year-Old girl gets help after father killed in car crash

By Dawn Cranfield

LOS ANGELES, CA – 9-Year-Old Girl Braves Cold, Dark, and Wild Animals to Get Help After Father is Killed in a Car Crash

A courageous young girl is lucky to be alive tonight after the SUV she was riding in with her father overturned several times before coming to a rest in a deep ravine off Sierra Highway in Acton, an unincorporated rural area in Los Angeles County.   The 9-year-old suffered only minor cuts and bruises, but her father, 35-year-old Alejandro Renteria died of his injuries.

At approximately 1 a.m. Sunday morning Renteria failed to navigate a steep curve and lost control of his 2010 Ford Escape.  The pair was returning from a friend’s house where the police suspect Renteria may have been drinking.

When the vehicle came to a stop upside down, the little girl smelled gasoline and turned off the engine.  She managed to disentangle herself from the wreckage and determined to walk the 1,000 or so feet to a home she notice in order to get help for her unconscious father.

However, when the girl arrived at the home nobody answered the door.  She returned to the vehicle to check on her father and opted chpto hike up the 200-foot embankment to the highway where she could reach a commuter rail station a mile away.

“She walked quite a distance in a very, very threatening environment,” California Highway Patrol Sgt. Tom Lackey told CNN affiliate KABC. “It’s very black out here, very dark. It’s very steep and it’s brushy and there’s also coyotes in the background.” (cnn.com)

The 9-year-old then walked in the cold, dark night until she flagged down a passing motorist who called the police.  Sadly, by the time they arrived, her father had already passed away.

Relatives said she was faring well, considering the acton25n-2-webcircumstances.  (cnn.com)



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