Meteor Society Received 400 Reports Of Large Meteor Over East Coast

Meteor Society Received 400 Reports Of Large Meteor Over East Coast

It’s Science NOT Fiction

The American Meteor Society received over 400 reports of a large meteor passing over the east coast and Canada.  “It basically looked like a super bright shooting star,” said Robert Lunsford, fireball coordinator for the society, based on the reports coming in to the organization’s website. “I saw some people mentioning fragments and naturally every color of the rainbow.”

“OMG I saw a real meteor in the Brooklyn’s sky,” wrote one person on Twitter, with the handle Curious Sergey. “It’s all over the news now! I thought it is some kind of fireworks”

These were they type of reactions from the hundreds who saw what was described as a “large shooting star”.

It began just before 8 p.m. EDT, and ended shortly after the hour.

NORAD couldn’t confirm that it was a large meteor, but confirmed that the sightings were not from a man-made object.

Meteors are material broken off from a comet orbiting the sun.  They are frequent phenomenon, and when they break up and hit the earth, they are called “meteorites”.

The object was reported as “green” in color, with a “long, fiery tail”.

One of the hundreds of “tweets” said the fireball crashed near the Delaware-Maryland border.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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