Major League Baseball will Honor Victims Of Shooting Newtown Connecticut


Rarely does one event touch the entire nation.  I’ve been around long enough to have witnessed a few.  I was a senior in high school when JFK was assassinated and for three days the world stopped spinning.

Like millions of others I sat on the edge of my couch and stared in disbelief as I watched two mammoth buildings crumble in New York killing thousands.  The event was so surreal I nearly believed I was watching a disaster film.  Then pictures starting coming into the networks showing the world the destruction of a part of the Pentagon.  And lastly we heard of the heroic efforts of ordinary men and women who foiled what was believed to be an attack on the White House when they forced “Flight 93” to crash in Pennsylvania.

Then on December 14th 2012 I was watching television and heard the name of a town I never knew existed.  There had been a shooting at a school in Newtown, Connecticut.  As we watched, and details of what happened inside Sandy Hook Elementary School emerged, the nation broke into tears.  The unthinkable had happened.  A deranged young man had slaughtered 20 small children and 6 faculty members with an assault rifle.  For weeks to come the nation would relive the horror of that day.

Although our government seems to have forgotten that day, caring men, women and children never will.

The Major League Baseball season of 2013 is to begin in less than two weeks.  The Texas Rangers play their home opener on April 5th.  To honor the victims of Newtown, the father of a 7 year old girl murdered inside Sandy Hook will throw out the first pitch.

Throughout Major League Baseball, all players, coaches, managers and on-field personnel will wear symbolic patches on their uniforms and clothing. There will also be a moment of silence observed before the start of each  game – from March 31 to April 2.

In addition, the New York Yankees searched for a way to honor the victims of Newtown.

“As we reviewed the calendar, we realized the children would be in school during that time and we wanted to put the needs of the children first,” she said. So the Yankees began to think about creating an event for Opening Day, and then a game after school ends. The Yankees will host “Newtown Day at Yankee Stadium” with approximately 3,000 members of the Connecticut community invited to the Yankees-Orioles afternoon game on Sunday, July 7, once the children from the area are on summer break.

MLB will also conduct an auction of jerseys signed by the league’s players.  All proceeds will go to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express


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