Michael Chad Boysen allegedly barricaded at WestShore Oceanfront Suites

Michael Chad Boysen allegedly barricaded at WestShore Oceanfront Suites
Renton Murder Suspect Found

The man suspected in the murder of an elderly couple in Renton is believed to have barricaded himself at a motel in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Authorities say they are negotiating with a suspect they believe to be Michael “Chad” Boysen, 26, who barricaded himself inside a room at the WestShore Oceanfront Suites, where a clerk reportedly spotted Boysen and alerted authorities.

Boysen is the leading suspect in the murder of his grandparents.  They had picked him up when he was released from a prison sentence, and offered him a room for the night.  He is suspected of killing the couple, age 80, and 82, and then stealing their car.

Some rooms in the motel have been evacuated, and streets have been blocked off.

“He’s not wanting to come out. He checked in using his correct name, and his driver’s license, so we suspect it’s one and the same,” Lincoln City Police Chief Keith Kilian told KATU TV.

Kilian says a night clerk at the hotel told police they recognized Michael “Chad” Boysen from a morning news report.

“She checked the hotel registration and thought, ‘My God, he checked in last night.'” he said.

The bodies were discovered by their daughter on Saturday evening.  They had been killed late Friday night or early Saturday morning.  Police are not revealing the method of their deaths, but reported gunshot was not the reason.

It is not believed that Boysen was armed when he left their home.  Authorities believe he was searching for gun shows across the Northwest, and Nevada.

Boysen had been in prison since 2006 on three robbery convictions in King County, said Judy Feliciano of the state Corrections Department.


Boysen’s grandparents had fixed up a room in their home for him to sleep in his first night out of prison, West said. Boysen was planning to stay elsewhere after that.

“We are at a loss as to why he killed them,” Urquhart said. “We don’t know what the motive is.”

The standoff continues.  Police negotiators have been talking to him for several hours this morning.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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