OBAMAPHONES (Conservatives Dead Right and Oh so Dead Wrong!!)

OBAMAPHONES (Conservatives Dead Right and Oh so Dead Wrong!!)

The conservative right and Republican politicians like Rand Paul (Kentucky) and Tim Griffin (Arkansas) are at it again with their callous attacks and misrepresentations against the free government phone program. The program started in 1984 under President Ronald Reagan and financed entirely through a monthly FCC tax paid for by the public, is  not an Obama entitlement program!

While the program has been under siege lately due to instances of fraud and corruption, Contractors like Life Wireless and its’ subcontractors have gone the extra mile to make sure only eligible individuals are processed for the phones. In fact, Brightstar Innovations,Inc. a subcontractor with its’ primary offices in Orland Park, Illinois developed Project P.R.I.D.E (Pro-Active Resources Intervening to Develop Esteem and Employment) to target the most needy populations to receive the phones.

By identifying partnerships and collaborations with Community Based Organizations who work with the (soon to be released) incarcerated, the homeless, persons on public assistance and seniors receiving social security and disability, the people who the program was designed to service actually are!! By partnering with CBO’s and government entities charged with servicing qualifying phone recipients, fraud is kept to a minimum through a refined screening process!

As a tax paying, woman owned business professional who can’t stand waste and fraud, I am proud to be able to provide resources through Project P.R.I.D.E to help the qualified individuals get food, shelter, clothing and free phones!

The short video clip that accompanies this commentary highlights some truths about the program having issues, however it also highlights how Fox news and some Republicans distort the facts! The program is much needed, but must be operated with integrity and the utmost priority for compliance!!

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