Once Upon A Time Review

Once Upon A Time: Snow White’s black heart

Once Upon A Time Review

Season 3, Episode 17

Once Upon A Time never fails to entertain with thrilling twists and nostalgic characters. Viewers have come to enjoy the thrill of attempting to predict who is which fairytale antagonist or protagonist.

Beyond that, everyone knows they can count on touching reminders of relatable inner and social struggles. This episode did not disappoint, so get ready for a review and be warned of spoilers.

If you missed it:
• Mary Margaret laments her actions that led to Cora’s death.
(This was realistic but a bit annoying to see Mary Margaret lay in a bed the whole time.)
• This episode featured a detailed recap of Storybrooke with a focus on Regina when she first trapped everyone with the spell.
(This was really nice. We got a little more juice on how Regina ever let Henry touch her heart.)
• Regina seeks revenge on Mary Margaret and also hopes to cast a spell forcing Henry to love her.
(This seemed a bit irrational for Regina. Based on her character growth, she knows Henry loves her and she just needs to make better choices. That being said, her mother did just die, so the characterization stretch is excusable.)
• Regina chooses not to curse Henry.
(It would have been shocking had she gone through with it; may even more exciting?)
• Mary Margaret begs Regina to kill her, but instead Regina reveals to Mary Margaret that she is destroying herself; her heart is turning black.
(This was a great storyline choice.)

Themes for thought:
Recently, the writers have certainly kept viewers on their toes with notable themes from the corruption of power and magic to revenge. Fear, of course has been a primary protagonist. Mary Margaret’s fears pushed her to kill Cora. Fear of losing Henry pushed Regina to destroy the curse and fear for Henry’s safety is what pushed Emma, David and Neil to consider killing Regina.

The Cherry on Top:
What deserves the most credit about this episode though, is the blackening of Snow White’s heart. It was time to be reminded of her humanity. A great example of another moment like the blackening of Snow White’s heart is the moment Frodo doesn’t throw the ring into the fires of Mordor. Not to worry, witnessing the breaking point of a beloved character promises a gratifying comeback down the line. Not to mention, where would stories be without the breaking moment of realization that no one, not Snow White and not Frodo, is perfect? These are the moments that keep people coming back for more.

Written By: EC Girdner

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