Princess Diana, A Natural Born Princess

Kris Jenner has been reported as saying that Kim is in the same league as Liz Taylor

A fashionable trio? Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Kardashian?

Ten of the late Princess of Wales’ evening dresses went under the hammer at London’s fashion auction house, Kerry Taylor, early this week, which reportedly fetched $ 1.2m.

The glamorous gowns auctioned off were all made by British designers, including Lady Di‘s favorite Catherine Walker, Bruce Oldfield, Zandra Rhodes and Victor Edelstein. “As a group, it’s fascinating to see the change from ingénue to style icon,” said auctioneer Taylor. “You follow her life through clothes.”

The dazzling, inky blue gown Princess Diana wore when she twirled across the White House dance floor with John TDiana, Princess Diana, Diana Princess of Wales, the Peoples Princessravolta in 1985 was the auctions centre piece.
The gown, designed by Victor Edelstein, will be one of 10 going under the hammer and is expected to fetch between £200,000 and £300,000. An exhibition of the dresses is open to the public.

Mostly evening wear worn by Diana for official engagements between 1985 and 1997,the dresses are all made by British designers; long-term Diana favourite Catherine Walker has six dresses, and Bruce Oldfield and Zandra Rhodes also feature. The gowns were previously part of a private collection.

We know Princess Diana’s engagement ring went to Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife. Princess Diana was much loved by many woman and men. Some followed the British Monarchy at the time and some didn’t until Diana married Prince Charles. “A whole generation was influenced by her,” said Oriole Cullen, curator of Fashion & Textiles at the V&A. “Even if you take her wedding dress – for 15 years after, people were still getting married in versions of it.”

Interest in Diana remains high, and is not harmed by the current positive feeling towards the royal family, in part owing to the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen’s jubilee and the upcoming new heir. “The auction of Diana’s dresses will definitely go to a niche market,” admits Taylor. “A lot of people love Diana but most of them can only afford the catalogue and will no doubt be for some a collector’s piece. I’m hoping a museum will buy them and they’ll end up in the public realm. She’s the people’s princess but none of her dresses are on display for the people to see.”

Diana’s Jewels are a stunning collection of Tiara’s, rings, necklaces and all sparkle with diamonds and other precious gems. Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelery is probably the closest thing to a similar collection, and I recently heard that Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner had compared her daughter to the late great Elizabeth Taylor. I like Kim, but I do think Kris is stretching it a bit.

Elizabeth Taylor who passed leaving a legacy of jewels, fashion and husbands gives us all many treasured memories. But is this what Kris Jenner has in mind for her daughter. I think Kim may have something very strong to say about that. For Kim it is still early days and the jury is still out, is it too much of a stretch coining her as the next Elizabeth Taylor. And, is Kris Jenner’s reference in regard to her daughter’s look, the fashion, the ‘expectant’ jewels, or is she expecting her beloved daughter to have a long list of husbands?

Regardless of Kim, Diana will remain supreme. And, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge is yet to make a media impact. Yes, she is well liked, but has not yet reached the heights of ‘The People’s Princess” that will always be Princess Diana.

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