Reggie Bush Detroit Lions Ticket to the Super Bowl?

“Who Can Take Us To The Super Bowl?”

Reggie Bush Detroit Lions Ticket to the Super Bowl?

Is Reggie Bush the Detroit Lions ticket to the Super Bowl? Is Bush the answer? And what about the rest of the league? The 2013 football season might seem far away, but in January of every year, 30 NFL coaches and general managers begin analyzing what they need to get their team to next year’s Super Bowl.  Two more coaches, and two more general managers will be thinking about how to get back to the Super Bowl in mid-February.

Trades, free agency, and the draft are the answers, but who, and why is still the question.

This off season has seen numerous changes throughout the league.  Free agency is in full bloom, and the salary cap has helped create changes more  abundant than usual.  And we still have the draft and a trading deadline to come.

One acquisition that may make a huge difference was accomplished by the Detroit Lions.  Reggie Bush left Miami for the motor city.

It’s not a change that may be valuable to the Lions based on his talents alone.  Making defenses react differently to Detroit’s offense was the goal.

“Megatron”, also known as Calvin Johnson, surpassed Jerry Rice’s single season record for receiving yards in 2012 with 1,964.  But his touchdown production was diminished.  He only had 5 in 2012, having caught 16 in 2011.  To add to his frustration, he was tackled 6 times inside the 2 yard line.

“You have to be honest if you’re the defensive coordinator when we get to the red zone,” said Johnson to “Teams were able to take me away with two people last year.

“They won’t be able to do that anymore because we have such dynamic players in Reggie and then we’ve got some other young talent that is coming up as well.”

Mikel Leshoure and Joique Bell were effective runners last year, but are the “off tackle” type.  Reggie Bush is a “break-away” runner, always a threat to go “all the way”.  Defenses will be forced to adjust to the speedy and evasive running back whenever he is in the backfield.

“Reggie has gotten a little thicker, running in between the tackles, but at the same time he hasn’t lost that explosive step that he had ever since USC that everybody loved him so much for,” said Johnson.

“He can make somebody miss and take it all the way and I know that’s definitely why we got him – because of that playmaking ability he has.”

With Matt Stafford getting the gift of another deep threat, Johnson says he expects to see the end zone more often this year.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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