Sequester Argument Exposes Congress as ‘Hatfield’s’ and ‘McCoys’

US congress “ship of fools” who either don’t know how to govern or just don’t want to.

Congress as ‘Hatfield’s’ and ‘McCoys’

There Was a Simple Solution to Stopping the Sequester

Were you as disgusted as I was when you listened to members of Congress telling us what had to happen to stop the “Sequester”?  They were on news programs, entertainment programs on FOX, and would talk about it to anyone who would listen, except to each other.

To a man, every one of them has forgotten who he is working for.  Congressman, you didn’t earn your job, it was given to you by the American people so you could vote for us.  But you don’t do anything but posture.

Stopping the Sequester and its effects had a very simple answer.  All that had to be done was follow the will of the people.  The polls showed a huge number, 79% to be exact, favored a compromise including increased revenue and spending cuts.

If you cared what the American people thought, you could have set up a website, and asked us to vote.  Instead, you act like my children did before they were old enough to go to school.  You bicker, name call, and refuse to talk to each other.

Our government isn’t broken, it’s terminally ill, there is no cure.  We have a “ship of fools” who either don’t know how to govern with wisdom and compromise, or just don’t want to.  It’s the ‘Jets’ and the ‘Sharks’ fighting for their own territory and position, instead of working for the people.

When George W. Bush was elected, my biggest complaint was inspired by a comment I heard at work one night.  The man, who was from Texas, said, “I like George, he’s a good ‘ole boy.  He’s one of us”.

I expect the President of the United States to possess more intelligence than I do.  I was truly scared to death when I realized the man who was now our “Commander and Chief” did not possess an intellect greater than my own.

Today we have a Congress occupied by men and women who apparently failed their IQ tests.

At least when my children were young, I could control them and make them “play nice together”.  We can’t do that with Congress.  We have two rival sides and they hate each other like the ‘Hatfield’s’ and ‘McCoys’.  They eventually killed each other.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

One Response to "Sequester Argument Exposes Congress as ‘Hatfield’s’ and ‘McCoys’"

  1. risingsol144   March 2, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    Just more of the same ole same ole. The sequester is merely a display of smoke and mirrors. To try to instigate the F.E.A.R. tactic in the people. It’s not working…a large percentage of the people are not buying it. This alleged Congress knows they are part of corporation U.S.A. which has been foreclosed upon. (See OPPT-In) Perhaps some more of the People should inform them that they know that the People are Free!


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