Sunny Reign the webseries: Interview with Tramaine Renee


Sunny Reign the webseries: Interview with Tramaine Renee

When it comes to entertainment and what to watch there are plenty of crime dramas to choose from. From the CSI franchise to NCIS and Law &Order. Still, the new webseries SUNNY REIGN offers something different and will have you glued to your computer screen the whole six minutes. SUNNY REIGN may be only six minutes but writer, producer and director Tramaine Renee has created a masterpiece that will leave you wanting more. SUNNY REIGN is a webseries for all to enjoy and one the LGBT community can be proud of. Here’s Tramaine Renee in her own words.

KJN: What inspired you to want to be screenwriter/filmmaker? Inspirations?
TRAMAINE: infatuation with cameras. Always captured everything as kid. Was a choreographer as a kid but would rather film stuff. Fatima and Debbie Allen.

KJN: Sunny Reign is the web series. How was the concept for the series conceived?
TRAMAINE: Started writing in 2009. In 2010 it changed and it’s loosely based on a relationship.

KJN: Who are the characters?
TRAMAINE: Sunny – mastermind, com artist, was together with Reign. Attracted to trouble side
Reign – vixen, alluring, seductive, trouble.
Savage – Sunny’s Uncle, taught Sunny everything she knows.
Marcos – The Mack, that guy went after and got his money.
Will be slowly introducing characters.

KJN: What made you only do six minutes?
TRAMAINE: Its the Internet, one man show. Not writing for TV, actual film I broke down into a show. My attention span isn’t long. Infatuated with commercials in how they sell product in 30 seconds.

KJN: How long will season one be?When does it air?
TRAMAINE: About 8-10 episodes. Done shooting by April. Out of respect for StudvilleTV episode three airs March 18 but the rest will air biweekly (Sunday.)

KJN: Preview of episode 3?
TRAMAINE: Can’t say without giving away. Sh*t just got real.

KJN: Is Sunny Reign your first project? What’s next after Sunny Reign?
TRAMAINE: yes, my introduction as a writer, producer, and director. I have a couple of projects lined up. SOUL a sci-Fi film. Good vs evil. Dancer battling for her soul (con artist, lesbian.) not about being lesbians or the lifestyle just regular people who happen to be gay.

KJN: Will there be a Sunny Reign film?
TRAMAINE: No. Working on distributarion. The webseries is enough right now.

Sneak peek of SUNNY REIGN – episode 3

-Kelly J Newson

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