Tahj Mowry stars in ABC Family’s ‘Baby Daddy’

Tahj Mowry stars in ABC Family’s ‘Baby Daddy’

Tahj Mowry stars in ABC Family's Baby Daddy

Getting his start early, Tahj Mowry began his acting career as Greg on the hit show ‘Who’s The Boss’ and soon after the young star began to rise to stardom. With several guest roles on shows such as ‘Where I Live,’ ‘Out All Night,’ ‘Aladdin,’ ‘Sonic The Hedge Hog,’ ‘Full House’ and ‘Sister, Sister.’ Before his tenth birthday, Tahj Mowry had already made a name for himself in Hollywood. Then in 1997, Tahj Mowry landed his own show entitled ‘Smart Guy’ and the show would go on to enjoy three seasons before being canceled due to a contract dispute.

Still, the child star continued to show up on TV and big screens including Disney channel’s hit animated series ‘Kim Possible’ as Tahj lended his voice for the character Wade Load. Staying true to his disney roots, Tahj starred in a few Disney Channel Original movies such as ‘Seventeen Again’ with his famous twin sisters, ‘Hounded’ with Shia Labeouf and ‘The Poof Point.’

In 2007, the former child actor starred in Ice Cube’s family comedy ‘Are We There Yet?’ as Danny Pulu.

Tahj Mowry would continue acting in films and on TV even creating the hit web series ‘Space 58’ with friend and co-star Jeremy Fall. On the show the two answered fans questions, performed skits and Tahj showed off his singing abilities, performing acapella’s of popular songs.

Tahj is not shy when it comes to his singing abilities and has performed with hit group Boom Boom Satellietes even showing off his dance moves in the single’s video.

Tahj Mowry has no limit on his talent and he is proof that if you work hard at what you love, in the end it will pay off.

Now, the actor/singer/dancer is starring in the hit show ‘Baby Daddy’ as Tucker on ABC Family. Season one can be seen on Netflix and season 2 is set to begin May 29.

Also, just as season 2 wrapped from taping the word was out that there will be a season 3 of ‘Baby Daddy.’

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‘BABY DADDY’ air on Wednesday at 830/730c on ABC Family

-Kelly J Newson