The Guardian Express Endorses Erin Lale

The Guardian Express endorses Erin Lane

The Las Vegas Guardian Express endorses Erin Lale for Henderson City Council Ward 3. Lale’s published political commentaries show that she is both a thinker and a doer and will make a great Councilwoman.

Erin has a 3 point plan to grow the local economy. One of her ideas is to repeat the success she had as founding Chairman of City Lights Artists’ Co-op in which she worked with the Henderson Redevelopment Agency to start a nonprofit art gallery in a city-owned abandoned building in the north part of Water St., which at that time had been boarded up empty since the 1970s. The gallery was so successful at drawing businesses back to the area that it had to move to a side street, and now it’s on Army St. City Lights is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Erin has been speaking with local groups about seeding nonprofit groups and city depts. into abandoned commercial districts, and the Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club has expressed interest in moving its headquarters from Las Vegas to Henderson.

Lale is running against John Marz. Marz was appointed by the Henderson City Council in January 2012 to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Kathleen Vermillion. He was chosen over the other applicants for the position because he promised he “absolutely” would not run. He said it would be unfair for an appointee to run as the incumbent. Now he is running as the incumbent.

Local media are investigating the Henderson City Council’s role in the sports stadium deal fiasco. An editorial in Las Vegas Review-Journal called the insider land deal for the failed sports stadium “a betrayal of the public trust” and reminded voters they have a chance to get rid of the incumbents. The Coolican column in the Las Vegas Sun, “Why is a Henderson councilman sidling up to an attorney being sued by the city?” wrote that Marz was still seeking campaign contributions from Milam even after the lawsuit was filed. A recent editorial in the RJ said, “No one – especially no Henderson voter – should be in the dark: The city’s leadership must own a healthy share of responsibility for the disaster that this arena project has become.” It is clear that Marz must go.

Erin Lale is the person who can defeat him. Lale has more years of public service experience than John Marz. She served for 3 years on the SNAMH Advisory Board, to which she was appointed due to her advocacy on behalf of rape victims and adult survivors of child sexual abuse. On the Board, she initiated an action by the Board which successfully blocked a move by the DMV to deny driver’s licenses to people who had received “any counseling services,” including marriage counseling. Erin has a strong record of standing up successfully for common sense.

Erin has the support to succeed. She has hard-working volunteers, and local startup small businesses are hosting her public events, such as her meet & greet March 30 from 3pm-5pm at the Green Valley Indoor Range 175 Cassia Way #1110, Henderson, NV 89014, and her Post Primary Party April 14 noon-3 at Total Promotions Company, 10 W. Pacific, Henderson, NV. She has been endorsed by such groups as the local constitutional conservative group Reclamation Nevada and national group Liberty Candidates. She has broad connections in local ethnic communities through her membership in the Ethnic Express Folk Dancers, who preserve the world heritage of dance; she is a leader in her faith community, and a responsible decision maker in small business as the acquisitions editor of a publishing company at which she makes buying decisions on intellectual properties. She is well known among long-time valley residents due to having owned a local bookstore in the 90s, and her website is packed with plans and analysis of political issues which show a great depth of understanding.

Lale plans to grow the local economy by removing barriers to employment by eliminating the work card system, and eliminating barriers to starting a business by having a tax and fee holiday for all new startup businesses in their first 3 years and having businesses renew their licenses only once per year instead of twice per year. She plans to save the city money by creating a formal system to empower city employees to identify ways to increase efficiency. She is an expert on saving money and the author of a book on the subject, Skinflint Hints. Lale has common sense and personal honor. Erin Lale is the right person for the job.

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