Update: Evan Spencer Ebel, Tom Clements’ Murderer Caught in Texas

Tom Clements' Murderer Caught in Texas

Tom Clements’ Murderer Caught in Texas

Turns out the man who was shot in Texas was a 28 year old parolee named Evan Spencer Ebel who had plenty of trouble with Colorado prisons including assaulting a prison guard….no other info was released. In continuation of the story; after a wild car chase by Texas Authorities, they believe they may have the man to murdered Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements.

Colorado law enforcement asked everyone to be on the lookout for a “boxy” vehicle, possibly a Cadillac or Lincoln.  The man captured by police was driving a black Cadillac with Colorado plates, and was headed south.

Wise County Sheriff David Walker said at a news conference that the suspect was wounded by deputies in a firefight and was on life support and considered brain dead. The man fired at deputies with a handgun.

Colorado authorities are on their way to work with Texas law enforcement in the investigation of the man and his vehicle.

“We’re very fortunate that none of the officers were injured,” Walker said at the news conference, just hours after the chase and shootout.

“Our investigators are making sure they are speaking with the right people,” said Lt. Jeff Kramer, spokesman for the El Paso County Sheriff’s office.

He said El Paso County authorities were told the suspect fired shots at deputies during a high-speed pursuit in Wise County, Texas, which is northwest of Fort Worth.

“Nothing has been confirmed yet. Nobody has raised the red flag down there yet. We don’t know why he ran,” Kramer said.

“We want to establish whether there is a connection.”

A dark green Cadillac or Lincoln had been reported in the area, and authorities began searching for it.

“I can’t tell you why we are interested,” said El Paso County Sheriff’s Sgt. Joe Roybal. “Our officers are working with the FBI and the local authorities to determine whether there is a connection. The crime scene has to be processed. That takes time and we’re not there yet. It’s still early.”

“The subject was driving around 100 miles per hour, shooting out the windows at the officers,” Hoskins told The Denver Post.

The driver sped in and out of traffic before ultimately being hit by an 18-wheeler.

“At that point, he got out and opened fire on the officers again,” Hoskins said. “They returned fire. He was hit.”

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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