U.S. Businesses Fire individuals in 29 States Because Of Sexual Orientation?

If You’re Gay, You Don’t Want to Work Here

At first, I couldn’t believe that the facts matched the accusation. No way, it couldn’t be true. But the facts don’t lie. U.S. businesses can fire individuals in 29 states because of the sexual orientation an employee chooses to follow. The obvious message communicated is that if You’re Gay, You Don’t Want to Work Here:

1. Alabama29 U.S. States that Fire individuals Because Of Sexual Orientation
2. Alaska
3. Arizona
4. Arkansas
5. Florida
6. Georgia
7. Idaho
8. Indiana
9. Kansas
10. Kentucky
11. Louisiana
12. Michigan
13. Mississippi
14. Missouri
15. Montana
16. Nebraska
17. North Carolina
18. North Dakota
19. Ohio
20. Oklahoma
21. Pennsylvania
22. South Carolina
23.South Dakota
28.West Virginia

These are states that can fire individuals simply because of their sexual orientation.

It’s legal, and some companies use this legal tactic to discriminate against gays and lesbians.  Many of these states are the first to claim that actions by liberals are un-Constitutional, but in fact do not believe in the wording of our most treasured document.

A study by the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, reports that between 15 and 43 percent of LGBT men and women have faced discrimination and harassment in the workplace.  Transgendered individuals face a 90% chance of being ostracized.

Lisa Howe was the head female soccer coach at Belmont University in Tennessee.  In 2010 she came out to her team, revealing that she was a lesbian, and she and her life partner were expecting a child.  It was first reported she resigned, but later the university admitted she had been relieved of her position.

Glenn Morrison began working for the Georgia General Assembly as a legislative editor in 2005.  Vandy Beth Glenn, her present legal name, was fired in 2007 when she announced to her supervisor that she was trans- gendering to become a female.  Her boss called it immoral, and fired her.  She took her case to court and in 2011 an appeals court ruled that she should be allowed to return to work.

Andre Cooley was employed by the Forrest County Sheriff’s Office in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  When his boyfriend became violent in their apartment, and he instinctively called 911, a co-worker responded, and he was eventually fired for his sexual orientation.

A society that harbors prejudice, racism, and bigotry will not survive.  We who live in this country must believe that our laws and principles transcend personal religious beliefs.  The phrase, “that all men are created equal” was not written without great thought and consideration for the meaning of those words.

Giving lip service only to words such as freedom and equality is indicative of why we are no longer a great country.  A country is only great because of its people.

I grew up believing in the words our founding fathers penned over 235 years ago.  I still believe in them, but I read and hear many who no longer share my feelings.  The United States of America is a work in progress.  We are ever-changing.  And we should be evolving instead of regressing.

In four days the Supreme Court will review petitions in support of gay rights.  The Court is separated politically, (not the intent of our founding fathers), and the petitions heard on March 26 and 27 will exhibit the direction in which our country is headed.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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