UNLV Football: Interview with Defensive tackle Tyler Gaston


UNLV Football: Interview with Defensive tackle Tyler Gaston

As UNLV headed into spring break and the UNLV football team held its first scrimmage. Fans of Rebel football are in for some exciting football this coming season.

During some downtime I had the chance in sitting down with UNLV defensive tackle Tyler Gaston. He is a Las Vegas native, attended Rancho High School and currently attends UNLV.

Tyler was named preseason all Mountain West in 2012, a two time All-Mountain West academic honoree, and made the UNLV Dean’s Honor list in the fall of 2011. Taylor Gaston is a true star athlete, who is humble and God-fearing. Tyler has what it takes to succeed on the football field as well as in life well after he graduates from UNLV.

KELLZ: Hey, how you doing today Tyler?
TYLER: Good, busy.

KELLZ: How’s school going for you?
TYLER: School is the easy part of my schedule.

KELLZ: What can we expect this upcoming season from the UNLV football team?
TYLER: Growth and development. Regardless, of our win or loss record you can always expect our organization to get better. Personally, I believe this team will finally send the message that the loyal fans have been waiting for.

KELLZ: How many sacks are you looking to get?
TYLER: I’m not big on stats; I try to just play to the max, make every play and win the game. However, I will have more than one or two sacks like I usually have at the end of the season.

KELLZ: Who are some defensive tackles that you look up to?
TYLER: Suh and Ngata. They’re probably the two dominate DT’s in the league. Warren Sapp will always be someone to look up to as a DT.

KELLZ: What are you currently bench pressing?
TYLER: 375llbs bench

KELLZ: What’s that 40 time looking like?
TYLER: 5.1

KELLZ: When you’re not in the classroom or on the field, where do you spend your time?
TYLER: I am much more than just a football player. I also run a mentor program for young men called the Legacy League Gentlemans Club that is on its way to becoming a non-profit organization. Producing music has always been a passion of mine as well. Between the three of those, my time and focus is devoted.

KELLZ: How long have you been doing music and what inspired you to do it?
TYLER: I’ve always been around music and I’ve always been a fan of the craft. My family is a composition of musicians and athletes so there’s no mystery how I came to be. Being a witness to so many talented musicians, artists, and producers has inspired me to make my own.

KELLZ: Tell me more about starting your mentor organization ‘Legacy League Gentlemans Club.’
TYLER: Starting the mentor program was the product of me wanting to give back to my community, and trying to counteract the negative mentalities we see in young men of this generation.

KELLZ: What is the goal of your mentor organization?
TYLER: Impress, influence, and inspire.

KELLZ: Your still young, what inspired you to want to help the younger generation in Las Vegas?
TYLER: Exactly, me being young and relevant in the community makes it a lot easier for a troubled young man to relate to me.

KELLZ: Which would you prefer, NFL super star or hot music producer/rapper?
TYLER: Honestly, I couldn’t choose and I don’t feel like I should have to. However, I won’t stop making music if I’m in the NFL, but if I could support my family without playing football I would.

KELLZ: Last question. I know, you know your bible so what is your favorite scripture and why?
TYLER: Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through christ who strengthens me. And James 1:3 Faith without works is dead.

Tyler Gaston’s stats

-Kelly J Newson and Marcus Kellz

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