Wireless Devices A Love-Hate Relationship

Wireless Devices A Love-Hate Relationship

Wireless Devices:  A Love-Hate Relationship

When I grew up in Los Angeles I remember the day my mother called ‘Pacific Bell’ and ordered a telephone for our home.  We had to wait for over two weeks for the man from the telephone company to come and install it.

When it came, it was a big, black thing, with a dial on the front of it where you put your finger in to rotate it to the appropriate number or letter.  It was on a table, close to one wall because we didn’t want to pay for a longer chord.  Our phone number was something like EX-5659.  (EX stood for “Exbrook”)

It was expensive.  I was too young to remember what the actual cost was, but my mom made it clear “it was not a toy”.  We only made “long distance” calls once a year because the cost of one was outrageous.

Before we could make a call, we had to wait and see if the other person on our “party line” was using his or her phone.

As I got older, the phone was more of an annoyance than a joy.  If my girlfriend was supposed to call, or I was waiting to see if I made the baseball or basketball team, I had to wait by the phone.

No one under the age of 30 has even the slightest idea of what life was like before everyone had their own phone.  They are the greatest invention in the history of mankind, and the worst.

No longer do I have to wait by the phone to be told my car is ready, or to hear the results of medical tests.  And I have used it for at least three emergencies.

But they are also the blame for why we are incapable of coherent communication, obesity, and possible homicide in the movie theater.  (The latter might have been me.  I don’t go anymore.)

One out of every two commercials is about a wireless device.  Poor people will buy an iPhone before necessities.  It has become a social stigmata if you are 18 years old and don’t possess the latest equipment.

So what’s next?  Here’s the latest.  MDP, which I believe stands for “Mobile Device Pocket”.  , Functional MobileWear executive Kimberlee Davis predicted that within 3 years time, most coats and jacket like garments will standardize the inclusion of MDP Stealth tracks similar to the standard inside pockets that we see in suits.

Davis says the advantage is that the pocket will keep a lady’s phone safe and easy for use.  “Staying fashionable in this mobile era calls for more than just a cute case for your phone. We developed the MDP Stealth to answer a need to consolidate some items we have to carry around as accessories while staying connected at the same time.” said Ms. Davis.

“Mobile devices are increasingly playing a major role in our daily lives so it is not much of a stretch of our imaginations to envision the RF shielded MDP Stealth and tracks becoming standard interior garment gear just as I am predicting today.”

I have to admit, I already know a dozen young women who will just “have to have one”.

Is this necessary?  Don’t women have pockets, or purses?  Has this obsession with phones and other wireless devices made them the most important items in our lives?

Wireless phones replaced face to face communication.  Texting replaced phone conversation.  iPads make it possible to watch movies or sports while isolated in the corner of a room or on a plane, train or passenger car.  Electronics have replaced human contact.  As soon as the electronics manufacturers find a way for a wireless device to replace sexual relations, the world will soon end.

Look at this link to see how truly ridiculous this “MDP” idea is.   http://functionalmobilewear.com

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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