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Functional MobileWear  Functional MobileWear Predicts Most Coat & Jacket Like Garments Will Have MDP Stealth Tracks Standard Within 3 Years

Today, Functional MobileWear executive Kimberlee Davis predicted that within 3 years time, most coats and jacket like garments will standardize the inclusion of MDP Stealth tracks similar to the standard inside pockets that we see in suits.

The MDP Stealth developed by Functional MobileWear is a modular device pocket for the interior of clothingFunctional MobileWear  that enables a wearer to keep her phone safe, secure and usable without having to remove it from the clothing.

“Staying fashionable in this mobile era calls for more than just a cute case for your phone. We developed the MDP Stealth to answer a need to consolidate some items we have to carry around as accessories while staying connected at the same time.” said Ms. Davis.

“Mobile devices are increasingly playing a major role in our daily lives so it is not much of a stretch of our imaginations to envision the RF shielded MDP Stealth and tracks becoming standard interior garment gear just as I am predicting today.”

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