Atlanta boy 2-year-old killed by family dog

Two Year Old Killed by Family Dog

Two Year Old Killed by Family Dog

Angela Rutledge left the room to use the bathroom in her own home.  When she came out, her two-year-old son had been mauled by the family dog, and was dying.  He was dead before she could call 911 or help.

The family lives in Union City, Georgia, about 15 miles south of Atlanta.

The dog had never shown any aggression previously.

When police did arrive, they cornered the dog until animal control could arrive.

The distraught mother was taken to the hospital, and her husband, Jermiah Rutledge, was subdued with a Taser after he came home and also became hysterical, police said.

“Clearly, they were rattled when they came out from what they saw,” said Detective Melissa Parker of the Fulton County Police Department. “Some were in tears.”

The dog was taken to the Fulton County Animal Shelter.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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