Ryan Mallett Plays Behind Brady in 2013?

Ryan Mallett Plays Behind Brady in 2013?

Will Ryan Mallett Play Behind Brady in 2013?

The Patriots drafted quarterback Ryan Mallett in the third round in 2011.  He played at Arkansas and Michigan in the college level.  In 2010 he was regarded as a first round pick, but he decided to return to play one more year in the NCAA.  He slipped to the third round due to a less than stellar season, and rumors of drug use.  He has been clean and sober with New England.

Several NFL teams continue to need a starting quarterback.  Until today, the Patriots displayed no interest in trading Tom Brady’s back-up.  But, with the NFL draft beginning today, Thursday, New England may be looking for a way to move up the ladder, and choose players they need at other positions.

The Eagles, Titans, Browns, and Jaguars could be a fit for the strong-armed Mallett.  Tennessee is still uncertain if Jake Locker is their future.  The Browns announced today that they have no interest in him.  However, Browns general manager Michael Lombardi has a close connection with Bill Belichick, and no connection to quarterback Brandon Weeden, despite his status as a first-round pick in 2012.

Mallett is still under his rookie contract, and will make a base salary of $642,984 in 2013.  The big question is, will a team be willing to make New England an offer that gives them what they want, a first or second round pick?

The other question is, will the Patriots be happy trading Mallett, and having Mike Kafka as their back-up quarterback?

The deals begin today with teams having holes in their rosters which need to be filled quickly, thanks to recent free agency defections.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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