Boston Marathon Bombing second suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev captured

Boston Marathon Bombing second suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev captured

The Boston Police Department said on Twitter that the suspect was in custody and officers were sweeping the area. Authorities identified him earlier as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, one of two brothers believed to have carried out Monday’s attack at the world-famous event, killing three people and injuring 176.

The Boston Marathon bombing suspect was captured alive but wounded Friday night after police found him holed up in a boat in a suburban backyard following a bloody rampage and a daylong manhunt, law enforcement sources said.

Tsarnaev, a 19-year-old college student, was captured after a standoff with police. His brother, Tamerlan, 26, had been killed in hail of bullets when the pair fought with police in the early hours of Friday.

Police cars and armored vehicles surrounded a house in Watertown on Friday night shortly after police told a news conference that the suspect fled on foot and was still on the loose.

The apparent break in the investigation came after an intense manhunt that virtually closed the city of Boston.

Cops cheered as the suspect was taken into custody in Watertown, Mass. just before 9 p.m., and residents Boston Marathon Bombing second suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev capturedflooded the streets, some chanting, “USA!” The Boston Police Department also tweeted: “Suspect in custody. Officers sweeping the area. Stand by for further info.”

Monday’s bombing on the finish line of the marathon was described by President Barack Obama as “an act of terrorism.” It was the worst such attack on U.S. soil since the plane hijackings of September 11, 2001.

A resident went outside to smoke and noticed a tarp on the boat was flapping, a relative told NBC News. When he went to investigate, he saw what looked like a curled-up person and bloody clothes.

The man “freaked out,” ran into the house and called police, the relative said.

Thermal imaging from helicopters confirmed there was a person in the boat, officials said. The brothers were the only suspects identified by authorities in Monday’s bombing near the finish line of the marathon. Hours after officials released photographs and surveillance video of the pair, they were involved in the shooting of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer on Thursday night, police believe. Sean Collier, 26, was killed.

The chase ended about 1 a.m. in Watertown, where officials said the pair threw explosive devices from the car. More than 200 gunshots were exchanged, officials said. A transit police officer, 33-year-old Richard Donohue, was shot and critically wounded, authorities said.

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  1. Julie Kerr Rasley   April 19, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    Here is a poem I want to share with the world. I wrote it upon the capturing of Boston Marathon Bombing suspect #2

    Boston Unite: Respect the PD

    Boston Unite, Take this pain from my mind,
    As seen on the news, please don’t rewind!

    The feelings of loss, of our loved ones so dear—
    You do not have to wander, but you cannot stay here.

    Please empty the cup, fragile and cracked,
    You already know, what the unfinished race lacked!

    Lock down inevitable, city standing still;
    Clean up the mess and start climbing the hill!

    Cheering and clapping,
    What are those foreign sounds?
    Now all I hear is laughing and crying,
    A short-lived happiness abounds.

    A madman captured and gunshots fired—
    Peace restored, a reason to smile,
    Love re-defined, a hope anew.
    Prayers answered, faith renewed!

    Boston Unite, Respect the PD,
    Three-thousand and thirty-three shouts
    to the men in blue tees, wearing the weight
    of the world on their sleeves, and having the humility
    To fall to their knees!

    copyright 2013 Julie Kerr Rasley


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