Chicago honos outstanding officers at monthly Commendation Ceremony

Chicago honos outstanding officers at monthly Commendation Ceremony

Chicago Police Department Honors Outstanding Officers at Monthly Commendation Ceremony

CHICAGO – Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy presented awards to exceptional officers at today’s Monthly Departmental Commendation Ceremony. The event acknowledges officers who have distinguished themselves and the Chicago Police Department by their heroic deeds and accomplishments.

Among the 342 awardees honored at this ceremony were:

A Life-Saving Award was presented to Officers Jose Villa and Robert Przybylowski for courage, selflessness and quick action in coming to the aid of persons in distress

Officers were on patrol in the 8th District when they observed a car driving erratically which suddenly accelerated, struck an embankment and flipped over. When the car came to rest, it burst into flames. Officers Villa and Przybylowski immediately sprung to action and came to the aid of the driver and passenger. The officers were able to break out the glass on the passenger’s side and pull the passenger to safety. Next, the officers pushed the car over from on its side as it had come to rest after the accident. The officers were then able to reach the driver, release the seatbelt and extricate the driver as flames engulfed the entire vehicle.

Detectives Michael Cummings, Robert Rodriguez, Denise Troche and Edward Farley (posthumously) received a Department Commendation for their attentiveness to duty, keen investigative skills and dedication which helped to see justice done years after the crime occurred.

Detectives from the Cold Case Homicide Squad revisited a case that had gone unsolved since 1983. In December of that year, the female victim was killed inside a small book store located in the South Loop. Recently, detectives resubmitted evidence and a DNA profile was obtained.


Add One – Monthly Commendation Ceremony / April 2013

The profile was matched to an individual who was already imprisoned at the Pontiac Correctional Facility for an unrelated crime. Detectives interviewed this individual, and then presented their case to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. A charge of First Degree Murder was approved, and the case was closed. (NOTE: The award for Edward Farley was presented to his family).

A Joint Operation Award was presented to Deputy Chief Leo Schmitz, Detectives Kevin Eberle and Brian Forberg and Officers Vincent Ciocci, Juan Cortes, Matthew Malloy, Bernard McDevitt, Jon Mizukis, Timothy Moran, Jared Nowak, Daniel Pacelli, Israel Roa, Richard Turrise and Luis Vega, as well as eight members of the Chicago Heights Police Department for their coordinated effort in apprehending a dangerous, violent criminal.

A car-jacking occurred on the Dan Ryan and the Illinois State Police responded to investigate. They obtained a description of the offender and learned that he was armed with a handgun and passed the information along to the Chicago Police Department. A short time later, 3rd District officers were responding to a seemingly unrelated incident on the south side when they were approached by an offender brandishing a handgun. The offender fired at the officers, striking one. The offender then committed a car-jacking and made good his escape. Area Two Detectives responded to the scene and quickly determined that the offender who shot the officer was the same who had committed the earlier car-jacking. The offender, a known gang member, was identified and the information was shared with Area One Gang Enforcement officers. Through their investigation, Gang Enforcement officers learned the offender was in the Chicago Heights area. They coordinated with the Chicago Heights Police Department, working together to investigate known hangouts and other locations. Ultimately their coordination and diligence paid off and the offender was placed into custody and charged accordingly.

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