Chicago Sinkhole Swallows 3 Cars, Sending One Driver to the Hospital


By Dawn Cranfield

Chicago Sinkhole Develops Swallowing 3 Cars, Sending One Driver to the Hospital

Heavy overnight rains in the Chicago area threatened a neighborhood when a large sinkhole developed and three cars were swallowed completely.  One man was in his vehicle driving by when the sinkhole developed and had to be rescued and taken to the hospital, he is currently listed in serious to critical condition.chicago-sinkhole

Rescue crews responded to the residential neighborhood roughly 10 minutes after the occurrence at 5:20 a.m. They found two vehicles already in the hole, the third slid in after their arrival.

The area received over five inches of rain and experienced flooding and the temporary closure of three expressways, according to local Chicago news station WGN TV.

The sinkhole was estimated to be approximately 10 feet deep and 40 feet across.

chi-sinkhole-swallows-3-cars-20130418The other two cars swallowed by the sinkhole were parked at the time and there were no other injuries reported.

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