Chris Christie Will Get Flack From His Own Party for This


Chris Christie Will Get Flack From His Own Party for This

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey appeared on MSNBC Monday.  On the six month anniversary of “Super Storm Sandy”, the Governor praised President Obama saying he “has kept every promise he’s made” assisting the stricken area in recovery.

This will add fuel to the fire allowing additional criticism from his Republican colleagues.  Christie was attacked by his party for putting his arm around the shoulders of the President when they toured the devastation together.

Why Republicans feel that they must demean every action of the President, and never admit that he has some accomplishments to be both admired for, and proud of, I will never understand.  He is not their enemy, they are their enemy.  It’s simply another example of politics trumping good government.

Christie has long been considered to be a contender for the Presidency in 2016.  He says that he disagrees with the President on 95% of the issues, but “he was merely doing his job after the storm, trying to get help for his state”.

Acting like a group of spoiled children, Christie was not invited to the Conservative Political Action Congress, CPAC, earlier this year.  Following a pattern that began under George W. Bush, no Republican is allowed to praise a Democrat, or criticize another Republican.  Even Marco Rubio was very careful when he spoke at CPAC to eliminate any mention of immigration reform from his speech.

Thanks to attitudes displayed at meetings such as CPAC, we are an irreparably divided nation.  We are a nation of Democrats or Republicans, blue or red states, not a “United States”.

What we should be is a nation of independents, shunning political parties.  Thomas Jefferson was sadly right.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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