Consumption Makes Hydrogen Fuel-cell Stations Potential Infrastructure Program

Consumption Makes Hydrogen Fuel-cell Stations potential Infrastructure program

Consumption, which is the very root of supply and demand, fuel an economy. It is capitalism, they say, or they once said. Building Hydrogen Fuel- cell Stations would require cooperation between governments and big business. In Ontario it would cost Ten Billion Dollars, including an upgrade of the electrical grid system. Imagine the United States cutting one trillion in military spending to make building Hydrogen Fuel Stations an infrastructure program? This idea might attract the money men who could make it happen, and the way fuel is presently being consumed, Fuel-cell Stations could potentially become a reality, everywhere.

These days a lot of young people in their teens and 20’s are buying electric bikes. Why? It requires no license, or insurance, all one has to do is walk into a store, buy it, and leave. They can drive it where they choose. On the sidewalk, street, park, or off a cliff.

How can this be made into an Infrastructure program? Anyone who operates an electric bike has to buy a six month $500.00 dollar license. If they wish to drive all year round, they have to buy a renewal pass. All this would fund the construction of Hydrogen Fuel-cell Stations where there is a high density of population. In other words, where high consumption exist.

Let’s say the government passed this law tomorrow and it was retroactive. They would find out how much money they would collect in the next week and implement this plan as soon as possible. If this initiative proves to be successful, every major city would have a supply of Hydrogen Fuel-cell Stations. But wait a minute… What about cars? Or Motorcycles? Those who live at a fixed income and retirees should be exempt.

Generation y has all the money, believe Global Warming is real, and would be first in line to buy a vehicle that had zero emissions. If they see Hydrogen Fuel-cell Stations being built, they will go the dealership, see the new zero emission cars on the lots, they will buy them with all their disposable cash and that consumer demand alone would power the automobile industry out of the Great Recession.

What would this do to the automotive industry? In 2008, the meltdown killed the automotive industry , forcing the government to come to their rescue. Too many people lost their homes and highly skilled workers went from a $35.00 hour job to a ten dollar job in retail. This plan would stimulate the automotive industry to build fuel cell vehicles, restoring growth and prosperity to an industry that was decimated in 2008. No country in the world has yet done this. Making this plan happen now, or in the future, may require a referendum but it would be worth it. Global Warming is real, period. Only in the last few years has the jetstream moved from over Canada to cover the United States. Hurricane sandy was real. The next one could be worse. Why not connect our present fuel consumption needs to form new ways to generate jobs and government revenue; Just a thought.

Written by: Paul Collins, author of Mack Dunstan’s Inferno / Mystery of Everyman’s Way
Contact him on!/authorpaulcollins

2 Responses to "Consumption Makes Hydrogen Fuel-cell Stations Potential Infrastructure Program"

  1. Bob Brinkoetter   April 29, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    Some thoughts going through my head …

    Pure, Clean, Hydrogen Fuel …

    No Exploration Costs
    No Lease/License Costs
    No Mineral Rights Costs
    No Geological Research Costs
    No DRILLING Costs
    No Failed Well Costs
    No Waste Gas Flares
    No Environmental Costs
    No Pollution Control Costs
    No Cleanup Costs
    No Land Restoration Costs

    New jobs
    Cleaner Environment
    Unlimited supply of seawater
    H2 production using simple electrolysis
    Clean solar power available for generation

    Why are we not using Hydrogen today ?

    Why is the Government not investing in
    a new Hydrogen infrastructure already ?

  2. Toes   April 29, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    In the US we could just sell off the oil reserve (T. Boone).

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