Dallas: Arrest made homicide at Red Rock Bar and Grill

Dallas: Arrest made homicide at Red Rock Bar and Grill
On January 8, 2013 officers responded to a shooting call at Red Rock Bar and Grill located at 18110 Midway Road. The victim Waddell Roberts B/M/30 was shot multiple times with a pistol. The victim was transported to Medical City Plano Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The arrestee Antwon Carter B/M/12-26-87 fled the scene on foot. The homicide occurred outside of the offense location on the covered patio in front of several witness and was also captured on surveillance camera video. The witnesses had described the suspect of the offense as a B/M/25-33 years old about 5’10-6’0 tall. Witnesses also said that the suspect had a full mustache and beard, was wearing black jeans, black shoes, and a white or tan hoodie with a design on it.

Investigating officers were able to obtain a search warrant of the arrestee’s cell phone records which showed that he and the victim engaged in text messages on the day of the victim’s death. Phone records also showed that the victim and the arrestee had a phone conversation prior to the victim’s death. During the course of the investigation, detectives were contacted by a detective from the Desoto Police Department. The arrestee was named in a Deadly Conduct Discharge Firearm offense that occurred in Desoto. A spent shell casing from the Desoto offense was compared with ballistic evidence from the murder offense. The evidence was examined by the Dallas Police Department Forensic Firearms Examiner who verified that the ballistic evidence shows that the shell casing and bullets from the Desoto offense and the Dallas murder were fired from the same gun.

The arrestee was arrested on April 8, 2013 for outstanding Felony warrants from Desoto Police Department. He is currently in custody at Lew Sterrett Justice Center. The arrestee admitted to knowing the victim, placed himself at the offense location on the night of the shooting and admitted he had phone contact with the victim. He did not admit to the offense. The arrestee is being charged with the murder of Waddell Roberts and an arrest warrant was issued. The offense is documented on case # 6402-A.

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